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  • Hey Markelmore, can we go pet shopping?

  • Woof Woof Woof [Repeat]

  • Meow Meow Meow {Repeat}

  • I'm gonna pet some cats

  • And I got snasages in my pocket

  • Lookin' for Llama

  • Or maybe an iguana

  • This is a nice possum

  • Walk into the store like what up I need a peacock

  • Say "Yo Adrian" to the cashier at the pet shop

  • Up in the front there's a newborn husky

  • The people like damn that's a cute ass puppy

  • The managers annoyed with me accuses me of loitering

  • Sir you have to buy something I just won the lottery

  • Now I will fulfill my dream Of a snake shopping spree

  • But can I get a guarantee That they won't strangle me

  • Hiiiiiiiiissssssssss

  • Shit. I'll just keep them in the bathroom.

  • I'll take a basket 10 cats and a casket for dead rats And a case of wee wee pads

  • Cus I hate pickin' up scat A Ceasar Milan back pack

  • For my Rodigian Ridgeback Where can I buy some diet mice

  • So my snakes don't get too fat

  • Imma take your Basset Hound Ima take your Chow Chows

  • For real I'll emincipate these furry bitches now ! I'll take some nasty ass salmon treats for my 10 kittens

  • And since it's winter lemme git 40 small mittens

  • They had a neutered beagle I bought a neutered beagle

  • He's got an empty sack But he keeps on humpin' people

  • My room was a pigsty now it's a zoo I can't walk through without steppin on some shitzu

  • I just bought blind dog who might be deaf too The puppyheads will be like

  • Awwwww, is he a rescue?

  • Yeah

  • Well he's hella cute

  • Hella so are you. So, do you live around here?

  • Pet store. Pettin' cats

  • Get outta here, kid.

  • I'm gonna hoard some cats Got about 25 in my apartment

  • Just like an awful Depressing commercial

  • With Sarah McLaughlin

  • This dog is old as shit He's got a plastic hip

  • I taught him three new tricks Stay right there, play dead, and sit

  • I'm Dr. Doolittle My place is full of bull

  • This shark is really cool Can I store him in your pool?

  • I better sell some pets They don't pay rent for this apartment

  • They just sit around Lookin' for a hand out

  • For this I blame Obama

  • Is that your grandma's dog?

  • Who's kid is this?

Hey Markelmore, can we go pet shopping?


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マックルモア - スリフトショップパロディキー・オブ・オーサム #69 (Macklemore - Thrift Shop PARODY! Key of Awesome #69)

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