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good job
well done
level completed
snail zombies
from your background
life is a journey
and in this journey you all want to do more
experience more
feel more
and live with no boundaries
and why shouldn't we?
sight systems presents:sight seeing
feel free to go anywhere
reminder:date at 9 pm
choose your outfit
oh, hi
hi Dafnem how are you?
sorry. it's okay
you look great
thank you
lovely jacket
it's actually, it's eeeh, it's a sports jacket
so that's official that it looks
what do you mean?
what's the difference between sports jacket and the normal one?
eeh I guess that sports jacket is for people who want to look good even when they're chased by police
anyway, I hope you're hungry, this place has the best burgers in town
Oh, actually, I'm vegetarian
Oh, really? 'Cause you didn't say it on your profile
well, I don't write everything on my profile
Oh, you wanna go somewhere else?No, its okay.
I'll find something on the menu
well, how about a glass of win for starters?
yeah, great
So, are there any other things in your profile
that you didn't write about and I should know or..?
Aren't you scared by jogging by yourself in the city?
not really
Besides, I'm about to hit level 5
on marathon Master
It's really impressive!
I know
What is scary though
on my last route
my sight crashed
so scary, I didn't see anything, Icouldn't find my way home
sight doesn't crash
Oh it did
I was totally lost, I didn't see anything
that doesn't happen since our last patch
do you work there or something?
really? yeah
Wow, what do you do there?
nothing serious, I'm just a simple engineer
I read about your complany in the news
is it true that you guys implant stuff
and manipulate people's sights?
no, it's a bullshit
but anyway, I don't wanna talk about work
Not when I'm here with such a pretty lady
You know you really got me
You know, I can tell what you're thinking right now
Well, finished our drinks, what are we going to do?
How about if we go to my place, for a nightcap
Well, if you're so good at reading my mind, you should know what I'm going to say.
Here it is
nice place you've got here
It's alright I guess
A toast for a perfect night
Why aren't you drinking?
what's that?
a dating app? No no no no no
Oh my God, I can not believe this, just my luck, a freaking gay junkie
Disgusting! Wait! Do not touch me, you creep!
You failed it
I said wait
And let's try this again.


A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems

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許紋瑜 2016 年 5 月 20 日 に公開
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