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Hey baby you, you got what I need…
But you say you’re just a friend.
You say you're just a friend.
WellCasters have you been singing that song recently?
If ya are. Sounds like you’ve been friend zoned.
Not that I’m happy about it.
Sorry I just realized like he he.
But hey. If that Austin Mahone guy who's got 2.5 million Twitter followers can trip and fall into the dreaded friend abyss?
What’s your average person supposed to do? Well WellCasters.
You’re in luck. Sort of.
We have some suggestions on how to trade your buddy label for a shiny new girlfriend or boyfriend badge of honor.
Now before you get all excited. Please know that these are just ideas.
Alright. We can’t make any guarantees.
And we're gonna trust that you will use your discretion.
Tip one. Be confident.
It’s natural to get shy or self conscious around your crush.
Especially if you’ve recently upgraded them from friend.
To object of my undying affection.
But even if you have to fake it at first.
Stand up tall, make direct eye contact and smile.
You know like that episode where we told you to be an eagle and not a turtle.
I still don't know what that means, but anyway.
You get the point?
People are drawn to confident people.
And wanna know what they have goin' on.
The important thing here is that you need to demonstrate that you know your own worth.
Before you can expect someone else to recognize it.
Tip two.
Don’t be a doormat.
Respect is an essential part of any relationship.
And it's up to you to draw the boundaries.
You might be tempted to respond to your crush's every need.
That’s natural.
But this'll probably backfire as your friend will see you as someone with very very low self esteem.
Don’t get yourself stuck in a situation where you’re constantly giving rides, buying gifts and ultimately feeling used.
Tip three.
Don’t put them on a pedestal.
Hey. Just like you have a few flaws so do they.
We promise. You’re being unfair to your friend and setting yourself up for disappointment.
When you discover that they tell the same joke every single time they meet a new person.
It's super annoying.
Your behavior is gonna show that you’re a little overly attached also.
When new people come around you’re gonna get jealous, you’re gonna act weird.
Just chill out.
Tip four. Do your research.
You've probably spent way too much time daydreaming about this perfect relationship with this perfect person.
How you'll frolic on the beach and never leave each other’s sides
But do you know what their needs are?
Maybe they prefer more distance in a relationship.
And they need more space.
Remember the other person isn’t you.
They’re not gonna meet every single one of your expectations
and I’m sorry but neither will you.
Especially if you don't take time to figure out what the other person wants out of a relationship.
So, ask!
Want more tips? Okay.
Tune in next time for our anti-friend zone follow-up.
Well. That’s all for me today WellCasters.
Would you do me a kindness?
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See you later.



恋愛関係に発展しないフレンドゾーンから逃げたい!(How to Escape the Friendzone)

42452 タグ追加 保存
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