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Hey, Portia. Looking hot.
No thank you.
Hey, we had a deal!
You really didn't think
that one through, did you?
Owen realized
I'd be a little more useful
to him not in jail.
God, you really are just a henchman, aren't you?
Coulda called it.
You shut up.
You shut up too!
I'm listening?
That was my point. Just shut up forever.
All right. Mills!
Have the boys start tearing down
this farce of a fundraiser.
You do that, I will snap your irritating neck,
you little--
Dor, do you really want to add
an assault charge
to your massive list
of screw-ups this semester?
I'm sure your mom
would be super excited
to get that call.
Oh, you want me to snap your neck too?!
Dorothy, it's not worth it.
Surely you can't shut down
a legitimate fundraiser
for one of our sisters.
You guys are profiting
off of porn.
This event is de-ethical,
and shutting it down
is completely within
my pay-per-view.
It's "purview."
Whatever. Time to tear this place down, boys.
Hey, no. Hey, don't.
Don't touch that. Hey.
Come on, Owen. You're better than this!
Better than being president?
I'm awesome now!
Yeah, awesome at sucking.
I think you just gave him a compliment.
Shut up.
Owen, you try really hard to be Rick and Miller,
but you're not.
For starters, you're not even close
to being smart enough.
I mean, give us five seconds, we'll take you down.
Especially with Miller ready to stab you in the back.
Do you think he's ever going to see you as an equal?
To him you will always be this little brat
who can't do anything for himself.
No, no. Don't you try any
of that amateur physiology on me, Castlemore.
Uh, it's psychology.
Shut up.
Plus, look what happened to Rick.
He dug his own grave with those photos
of what's-her-name.
My name is literally all over the walls.
Look, there's a banner right there.
I don't think he can read.
You really think that Rick would have sent all those photos
to everybody from his own personal email?
It was obviously your boy Anton.
And trust me,
he's already figured out a way to get rid of you.
Don't play your stupid little mind games.
Thing is, Owen,
Miller here is a user,
a parasite.
And without somebody to leech off of,
he'd just wither up and die.
Do you really want to do this?
I, uh...
I think so?
Owen, stop being a gutless little punk
and let's finish this.
You know what?
I am tired of you telling me what to do.
Well, maybe if you were smart enough
to figure it out on your own, I wouldn't have to.
Screw you.
This whole thing as just been you being a whiny ex-boyfriend
trying to hurt some girl I don't even know.
It's not my job to help you
screw over people who dump you.
I did enough of that for Rick.
How is any of this good for me?
How will this help me
as president?
I-- you--
who cares!
Yeah, I'm your boss now.
And you know what?
You're fired.
What would you be without me, you little shit?!
What the hell is wrong with you?
You get your pathetic little ass out of here
before I call the cops.
Whatever. This isn't worth my time.
You okay?
It's fine. He was just--
You can have your stupid event.
I'm done.
I still hate you.
Feeling's mutual.
All right, this was fun.
Boys, roll out.
We did it, guys. We saved Connie!
Celebration selfie!
Oh, yeah.
Uh, I don't know.
I just hope we didn't scare everyone off.
A lot of people left. But... maybe?


All For One | Episode 29 | "Douche Heel Turn"

258 タグ追加 保存
吳明源 2016 年 5 月 20 日 に公開
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