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  • Computer coding for kidsWhat is a computer program?

  • A computer program is a set of instructions that a computer follows to complete a task.

  • 'Coding', or 'programming' means writing the step-by-step instructions that tell the computer what to do

  • We are surrounded by computer programs. Many of the devices and gadgets

  • we use each day are controlled by them.

  • These machines all follow step-by-step instructions

  • written by a computer programmer.

  • Cell Phones.

  • Programs allow you to make a phone call or

  • send text messages. When you search for a contact, a program finds the correct phone

  • number.

  • Computer software.

  • Everything a computer does, from browsing the Internet to writing

  • documents or playing music, works because of code written by a computer programmer.

  • Games, Consoles are just another type of computer, and all the games that run on them are programs.

  • All the graphics, sounds, and controls are written in computer code.

  • Washing machines.

  • Washing machines are programmed to follow different cycles. Computer code controls how

  • hot the water is and how long the wash takes.

  • Cars

  • In some cars computer programs monitor the speed, temperature, and amount of fuel in the tank.

  • Computer programs can even help control the brakes to keep people safe.

Computer coding for kidsWhat is a computer program?


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子供のためのコーディング 1: コンピュータ・コーディングとは? (Coding for Kids 1: What is Computer Coding?)

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