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  • Hey I wanna try practicing drums on twitch

  • (Ultimating)

  • (Twisted Fate on the way)

  • (Escape by Dark Passage)

  • (Twisted Fate's turn to run away)

  • (Alistar save me)

  • Killing behind the wall

  • Godlike ultimate steals dragon

  • Car race

  • Chop four

  • Then show champion mastery

  • Fake ultimate cheats Hecarim

  • Trample

  • Oh~ we got bottom

  • Let's see who finish faster

  • They do not have carry?

  • Oh, killed one

  • To catch bandits, first catch the ringleader

  • Run run run run run

  • Let's see how fast you can run

  • I am so fast

  • Let's use code

  • Okay, White No.1

  • Anti-eavesdropping tactics

  • White No.1 succeed!

  • White No.1 yeah~

  • Why it called White No.1?

  • The point is No.1. Color does not matter

  • To confuse them

  • White No.1 is on top line, and Blue No.1 is on top line too

  • (Let them think) so vexed. What the tactics

  • White No.1 sounds strange >/////<

  • Oh! Finally found a small break up

  • How? Do you wanna come? Okay, you come!

  • Healing saves our AD

  • I HAVE Healing!

  • You can not understand

  • Jungle with Healing

  • (Kill)

  • (Swap)

  • (Restore?)

  • (Perfect Killing Ekko)

Hey I wanna try practicing drums on twitch


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