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A request for tenders is a formal, structured invitation to suppliers, to bid, to supply
products or services. In the public sector an official fee is needed to fortify and secure
the tender bid engagement/win documents, such a process may be required and determined in
detail by law to ensure that such competition for the use of public is open, fair and free
from bribery and nepotism. For example, a government may put a building project 'out
to tender'; that is, publish an invitation for other parties to make a proposal for the
building's construction, on the understanding that any competition for the relevant government
contract must be conducted in response to the tender, no parties having the unfair advantage
of separate, prior, closed-door negotiations for the contract. An evaluation team will
go through the tenders and decide who will get the contract.
As a consequence of the scale of the tender process the majority of RFTs are published
by the government sector, but companies in the infrastructure and utilities sectors may
also publish RFTs. RFTs may be distributed to potential bidders
through a tender service, allowing businesses to receive and search live tenders from a
range of public and private sources. These alerts are most commonly sent daily and can
be filtered down by geographical area, or by business sector. Some tendering services
even divide types of business very finely in their own way, by CPV codes. This enables
a business to find RFTs specific to what that business can supply.
The closest equivalent to an RFT in the mainstream private sector is a request for proposal,
which, since public money is not involved, typically has a less rigid structure.
An RFT is usually an open invitation for suppliers to respond to a defined need as opposed to
a request being sent to selected potential suppliers. The RFT often requests information
following on from other information gathered previously from responses to a Request for
Information. This will usually not only cover product and service requirements, but will
also ask for information about the suitability of the business.
An RFT is usually expected to conform to some legally standardized structure designed to
ensure impartiality. And the tender bid winner is entitled to take responsibility of the
contract business supply documentations formalities and settle any tender bid engagement charges
for official recording. Related proposal types
Other members of the family include: EOI - expression of interest
IFB - invitation for bids ITT - invitation to tender
ITV - invitation to vendors RFA - request for applications
RFD - request for documentation RFI - request for information
RFO - request for offers RFP - request for proposal
RFQ - request for quotation or request for qualifications
RFN - request for negotiation References
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Request for tender

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