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  • Since we first unveiled the idea for a new high-speed ground transport system

  • called the Hyperloop back in 2013 there has been a tremendous amount of

  • interest in the concept we're excited that I handful of private companies have

  • chosen to pursue this effort let me get this straight

  • Elon Musk unveils an idea to the public an idea that is so interesting

  • and appealing than a handful of private companies manifest for the chance to

  • engineer his idea what's this idea a way to transport people from San Francisco

  • to Los Angeles in 35 minutes before I explain what this is I want to imagine

  • one of those capsules you put your Walgreens prescriptions in at the

  • drive-thru one second it's at your car window the next second is vacuumed up a

  • tube and in the hands of your pharmacist now imagine that but for people for Elon

  • this idea came when he was sitting in traffic after being an hour late to a

  • meeting and discovering that California State had approved a high-speed rail system that

  • just wasn't up to his standards Musk was not happy

  • his ideal transportation system would be faster cheaper safer and most

  • importantly the sustainably self powering the Hyperloop the Hyperloop would

  • travel

  • at speeds of over 700 miles per hour and a low-friction suspension system

  • basically threw a cushion of air like a puck sliding across a hockey table the

  • pod will act like the puck and travel inside the tube to carry passengers between cities

  • know a few questions arise how will this low friction suspension system work what

  • type of energy is needed to run this whole system and what does this mean for

  • everyday commuters let's start with how the system works

  • sealing the tube would create this type of compressed system like a dense

  • environment of air think of this like us syringe air will get stuck in front of

  • the pod and if you want to push the pod forward inside of the tube you have to

  • push the entire column of air in front of the pod forward as well this is a

  • problem known as the Kantrowitz limit The air problem would completely

  • block the pod from traveling really fast in the tube so Elon comes up with an

  • idea he says instead of the air in the tube only going through those tiny gaps

  • between the outside of the

  • tube let's have that air move through the pod

  • so he proposes that by mounting an electric compressor fan on the nose of

  • the pod actively transfer high-pressure air from the front to the rear and

  • overcome the Kantrowitz limit

  • it would relieve pressure like a vaccum sucking in air as it moves forward and a jet pushing air out the back

  • in this case it is the pod that is producing the air cushion rather than the tube back to our hockey

  • table it would be like the puck providing the air cushion and not the

  • table now on to the question of energy battery would provide plenty of energy

  • to run the fan but not enough power to move the pod forward that's where the

  • external linear electric motor comes in this is simply a round induction motor

  • like the one in the Tesla Model S rolled flat this would accelerate the pod to

  • high subsonic velocity and reboostst every seventy miles but there's more by

  • placing solar panels on top of the tube the hyperlink can generate plenty of

  • energy needed to operate and some now to why do we care

  • well environmentally speaking the hyper loop eliminates the need for land a big

  • cement columns pylons would place the tube and tubes above ground like a light

  • rail and follow

  • on the interstate the pylons would absorb small changes with adjustable

  • lateral and vertical dampers and As land slowly settles to a new position over

  • time they can be adjusted accordingly and have all of this worn't enough it

  • would be several billion dollars cheaper than typical railway systems I think you

  • Elon has made its point here a fight between San Francisco to LA is a little

  • over an hour the Hyperloop would cut this down to 35 minutes carrying 28

  • passengers every 30 seconds the route would follow i-5 and have the capacity

  • to transport six million passengers seventy percent of which would use the

  • Hyperloopyperloop during rush hour they're still substantial technical challenge

  • that stand in the way of making this a reality but nonetheless I can't wait to

  • see what comes of this idea unfortunately Musk can't take on the

  • challenge himself seen that he's already sending reusable rockets into space in

  • trying to mass distribute electric vehicles

  • but he is actively encouraging and supporting anyone who's up for the

  • challenge for Penta Tech I am Kelby Weiler

Since we first unveiled the idea for a new high-speed ground transport system


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ハイパーループ - 新しいエロン・ムスクの発明で旅行をより速くする (Hyperloop - Travel Faster With New Elon Musk Invention)

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