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I'm the ghost of Christmas past Please don't look at my ass
All sad Eminem raps must have a Dido Remember Dido Well, I'm the new Dido Dido Now here's a pissed off rap
Oh my god it's kinda odd that you got all these wires and tubes Coming outcha body, oops I just saw your balls and pubes
Come on Dre please wake up I brought you some Shape ups You used to be the man now you can't even pick a grape up
Hey! all I'm saying is you better not be fakin' this I just found a wallet is it yours well I'm takin' it
What If I bent back your wrist Or put some red stuff on your lips Look it's Angela Basset What is this a bag of piss?
You're in a coma so it makes it less embarrassing For me to own up to the feelings I've been harboring
What I'm trying to say Dre is that you complete me If I was a cup a sake you would be Sashimi
And if you feel the way I do I just need a sign from you Just a tiny movement of a finger or a toe will do
Wait, did you just move your ear Well I'm readin' you loud and clear Lay back I'll do all the work
I'm awake you stupid jerk
I was not expecting that That was kind of messed up But it explains some stuff
He acts homophobic So none one will notice It's all been decoded Me thinks He doth protest too much
It literally was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen Your white lips were hovering and puckering
You tried to have your way with me while I was barely alive I was trying to give you CPR till the nurse arrived
I don't know slim that excuse seems pretty thin Let's just get on with your rehabilitaion
Just help me work out cus I'm tryin' to get sexy and buff Do me a favor and inject this needle into my butt
there's nothin' weird about that I can do that for you That's just the kind of thing a friend would have another friend do
I know that there's nothing wrong with it Shut up and get on with it Before we get old, man My butts getting cold, Slim
You're cold? That's probably cause you never stretched out Don't you it's the most important part of a work out
You know a rub down might even be necessary Are you any good those Oh most definitely.
Why don't you two just make out That's what this is about Join the parade outside
I've made Mango Martinis And some Cocktail Weenies Come out of the closet you meanies and show some Rainbow Pride


Eminem I Need A Doctor PARODY! The Key Of Awesome #40!

766 タグ追加 保存
KaLung Choi 2016 年 5 月 9 日 に公開
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