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  • >> RYAN: You know I love the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam,

  • but I'm excited to check out this quaint little fishing village

  • now here's an interesting fact about Holland almost half of the country is under the level of water

  • so the houses in the old days were built on stilts and the ones behind me here are no longer on stilts

  • but you can see the doors are on the second level because they had to be raised above the level of water

  • I've got to say, these little fishing villages are really really cozy

  • it is lunch time and when you're in a fishing village, you gotta eat fish

  • check it out this is some herring which is herring and you gotta eat it like this

  • mmm tastes so good this is how the locals do it

  • we are now in Zaanse Schans its a hard name to say but what really matters is they have a clog factory

  • where they show how to make clogs this is the home of the windmills and they have a cheese factory

  • this is my favorite part of the tour we get to try out the cheese I love cheese

  • check this out I bet you didn't think that there was a museum dedicated only to clogs

  • well there is and this place is awesome I've learned how they actually make clogs

  • check it out it does not get any more dutch than wooden clogs with a windmill on the clog

  • two in one, baby!

  • behind me, you see some of the giant windmills and obviously they are some of the national symbols

  • of Holland but there's a lot more to it than just that you see,

  • the windmills are responsible for pumping out all the water and creating a lot of the land

  • where the dutch now live so they owe a lot to these beautiful windmills

>> RYAN: You know I love the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam,


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アムステルダム - ザーンセ・シャンスの風車、マルケンとヴォレンダム半日ツアー (Amsterdam - Zaanse Schans Windmills, Marken and Volendam Half-Day Trip)

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