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  • August 4th, 1944.

  • In a house on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, 8 people in hiding are arrested.

  • One of them is Anne Frank.

  • Anne Frank is born in 1929, in Germany.

  • Her parents are Otto and Edith. And she has one sister, Margot.

  • The Frank family is Jewish.

  • The economic crisis is causing a lot of social unrest in Germany

  • resulting in the rise of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party.

  • In 1933, the Nazis come into power and discrimination against the Jews and Chrises.

  • Otto and Edith worried about the rise of the Nazi Party.

  • They decide to move to the Netherlands.

  • Margot and Anne also arrive in Amsterdam.

  • In Amsterdam, Anne attends the Montessori School.

  • Her two best friends are Summer and Hanneli.

  • But then, in May 1940, the German army invades the Netherlands.

  • The Nazis occupy large parts of Europe

  • and start to discriminate against Jews everywhere.

  • Anne and Margot have to switch to separate Jewish schools.

  • One restriction is followed by another.

  • For her 13th birthday, Anne receives a diary.

  • This diary will become very important to her.

  • Suddenly, on the 5th of July, 1942, a letter arrives,

  • ordering Margot to leave for a Nazi labor camp.

  • Otto and Edith have made secret preparations to go into hiding.

  • Where are we going to hiding? Anne wonders.

  • One of the first things she packs is her diary.

  • Wearing as many clothes as possible, the Frank family leave that house.

  • The hiding place is the annex at the office of Anne's father.

  • Otto and Anne tidy up the annex.

  • Anne brightens up her room by sticking images to the wall.

  • The people in hiding are helped by Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman, Miep Gies, and Bep Voskuijl.

  • Who all work in Otto's company.

  • The Frank family is soon joined by three other people.

  • Hermann and Auguste van Pels and their son Peter.

  • Anne also welcomes Fritz Pfeffer.

  • Fritz brings bad news. All those deportations.

  • In her diary, Anne writes about life in the annex about the arguments which can be fears

  • particularly between her and her mother and also with Fritz there are never ending disagreements.

  • Anne writes of her nightmares and the fear of all in the annex to be discovered.

  • In their second year of hiding, Anne and Peter fall in love.

  • On the 4th of August, something terrible happens.

  • They have been betrayed. They are arrested.

August 4th, 1944.


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アンネ・フランクのアニメーション、グラフィック伝記 (Animation of Anne Frank, the graphic biography)

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