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  • When the 3D polygonal technology craze was just breaking into the video game industry,

  • legendary game producer Yu Suzuki wanted to capitalize upon it. One of the beneficiaries

  • of such a technology were fighting games, and the ever ambitious Suzuki, who had already

  • created Champion Boxing, turned his attention to the genre again. The result: Sega's own

  • fighting game series, Virtua Fighter, which became so popular it is now an exhibit at

  • the Smithsonian. Also important, I guess, is that it spawned a sequel, Virtua Fighter

  • 2, which may have had more success on the Saturn, but nonetheless made its way onto

  • the Genesis in 1997. Although more low-fi than its arcade and Saturn predecessor due

  • to graphical limitations, the Genesis version of Virtua Fighter 2 is still as complete a

  • fighting game as any, with colorful characters and a ring out fighting arena that is reminiscent

  • of sumo dohyos. In fact, if you turn off the energy bar so that both players have unlimited

  • energy, you could create your own sumo matches. Although this is a 2D fighter in the harshest

  • light, Virtua Fighter 2 is still a hefty challenge and looks better than almost any other Genesis

  • game. I also admire each character's fighting style, especially Jacky Bryant's versatile

  • Jeet Kune Do technique. Along with Jacky comes all the other fighters from the co-op, which

  • all stand in your way of the mysterious Dural. Master your fighter's unique abilites for

  • great justice and a clever post-battle taunt. Virtua Fighter 2 for the Genesis looks so

  • good for its class that such graphics could be mistaken for a Playstation or lower grade

  • PS2 2D fighter. The detail and style of each stage's backgrounds, such as the azure sky

  • and white sand of Pai's stage, serve as a gorgeous backdrop. The game's visuals are

  • testament to the hard work of Yu Suzuki's team that has worked so tirelessly on games

  • for both the arcade and the console. It has been remade for such contemporary platforms

  • like the iOS, Virtual Console, Playstation 2, and shown here as part of the Sega Genesis

  • Classic Collection now available on Steam.

When the 3D polygonal technology craze was just breaking into the video game industry,


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