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  • Why am I standing out in the cold chatting with a cartoon?

  • No, this is not my normal Saturday morning routine.

  • Hey everyone! Dana here from the Wanted an Adventure YouTube channel here, and I’m

  • standing out in front of the Alte Kongresshalle in Munich with James, an expat from England,

  • because in just a few short weeks on March 22 the Expat in the City fair will take place

  • in this very building. And if you, like me and James, are an expat here in Munich, you

  • definitely don't want to miss this event.

  • Munich is a great place to live, but when I first moved here, it was pretty overwhelming.

  • Clearly, James here agrees with me. He’s overwhelmed too.

  • Which is why it’s really great that for the first time there's going to be trade show

  • in Munich just for expats.

  • Organizations such as the Deutsche Bank, BMW Welt,

  • and the Munich International Women's Club

  • will have booths at the fair, and there will be people standing by, ready and willing

  • to answer your important questions.

  • Uh-oh, what’s wrong James? You look worried.

  • Aaahha! James is worried that he won’t be able to understand anyone when they're speaking

  • German. Have no fear, James! The fair is in English!

  • In addition to the booths, there will be many other things as well, like expert talks, including

  • one on how not to just survive as an expat in Munich but how to thrive. And there will

  • be workshops like salsa dancing...

  • Uh-oh, James you look worried again. What's wrong? Okay, James is worried because he says

  • he has two left feet, so he's a little unsure about the salsa dancing. But that's okay,

  • James. Maybe youll meet some nice partner at the event with two right feet and then

  • you guys'll be perfect for each other.

  • I’m not going to bore you with more details because all the information is on their website

  • at, but I will say this: itll be a great place to mingle with other

  • expats, to get more information about life and resources here in Munich, and the hope

  • is that youll leave the event feeling more inspired

  • and more informed about life in this great city.

  • Alright well -- oh wait, James has another question.

  • James says that he’s actually been living here in Munich for a while now, and wants

  • to know if it would even be worth it for him to go.

  • No worries James, this fair has something for everyone. No matter how long or short

  • you've been an expat here in Munich or under which circumstances -- for your work or for a spouse's

  • work or because you came for Oktoberfest back in 2009 and just never went home -- this fair

  • will have something for you.

  • I’ve been living here for 5 years, and I will be at the fair helping out and helping

  • new expats to learn about Munich, and still, I plan on taking away lots of new information

  • about Munich for myself as well.

  • Oh, and did I mention that tickets are free, and there’s going to be a child care area

  • so you can drop your kids off there while you explore the fair.

  • So just head on over to their website where you can get your free tickets and we look

  • forward to seeing you on March 22!

  • For more information on my life in Munich right away, head on over to my YouTube channel

  • at

  • See you at the fair! Auf Wiedersehen!

Why am I standing out in the cold chatting with a cartoon?


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エクスペット・イン・ザ・シティ・フェア2015、ミュンヘン (Expat in the City Fair 2015, Munich)

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