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  • Excuse me.


  • ''Meet the cop that can't be stopped.''


  • MAN: Tosser!

  • Trouble in the high street.

  • Sergeant Angel's havĂ­ng a spot of bother.

  • Roger that.

  • MAN: Morning, Sergeant.

  • You mothers.

  • Let's cut through here. Head him off.

  • Through the gardens?

  • What's the matter, Danny?

  • You never taken a shortcut before.

  • (CAWING)

  • Hey, give me that!

  • ''You do not have to say anything,

  • ''however it may harm your defense

  • ''if you fail to mention when questioned

  • ''something you later rely on in court.

  • ''Anything you do say can be given in evidence.''

  • Hi, Danny. All right, Pete?

  • Do you know this man?

  • Yeah, he's Auntie Jackie's sister's brother's boy.

  • And it didn't occur to you to mention this before?

  • Couldn't see his face, could l?

  • l'm not made of eyes.

Excuse me.


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ホットファズ (2/10) Movie CLIP - フェンスジャンピング (2007) HD (Hot Fuzz (2/10) Movie CLIP - Fence Jumping (2007) HD)

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