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Ah! My foot is asleep!
Hello Everyone!
Alright Rosie, where should we start?
Can we just take a moment to look at this, it’s so fluffy!!!
She got a haircut recently, and it doesn't stay like this for long
so let’s just appreciate this while we can
Hello Everybody!
I recently took a trip to Europe and I bought a whole bunch of stuff
so I thought today I would do a haul video!
I’ve never done this sort of video on my channel before but,
I love watching them!
So if you want to see what I bought in Paris and London then continue to watch this video
I guess you do want to see that because that’s why you clicked the title!
Alright, let’s start!
I think Paris is super expensive to shop in
maybe I don’t know which area to go to but,
I find there’s not many
boutique, special, sort of inexpensive shops
I see you either get H&M or Zara, or like Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc
So shopping there is quite expensive
If you’re from there, or you know a good place or area that I should go shopping in that isn’t too expensive
that you can find some unique stuff
please let me know in the comments, because I don’t know
So I ended up buying my sort of luxury items there
which tend to be about 30% less than they would be if I bought them here in Tokyo
So I always like to buy them over there, it just makes more sense
because you save a lot of money
so the first thing I bought right when I pretty much got off the plane was
this wallet from Goyard
not many people know this brand, but they should because I think their designs are gorgeous and timeless and elegant
this is a unisex wallet and it comes in so many colours, but I think this red colour is so lovely!
and the inside is really big
it has a lot of different compartments, which I love
you can organise really well and it has a lot of spaces for cards
and a big change area in the middle
and it zips up so nothing falls out
the structure and stitching is amazing quality
ya I really really love this wallet
and then the next thing that I bought..
was from Saint Laurent
It is this bag
it’s the small cross body shoulder bag I think it’s called, or something like that
and it’s in a gorgeous red colour as well
I love red right now because
recently I’ve been wearing a lot of neutral tones, blacks, greys, or whites
so I really wanted some statement piece, something that would just pop or make my outfit just pop a bit more
As soon as I walked into the shop I knew exactly what I wanted because I’ve been looking for a red bag for a while
and I think that this one is just perfect
it’s an adorable size, and I just love the way it sits on your body
it has the gold YSL detail on the front and this gold chain
inside is not that big
it can only maybe fit a credit card and some makeup, or something like that
but that’s ok!
I think it could look super cool with a leather jacket or it can look really sexy with a red lip and a sexy black outfit
I think I will use this a lot in the coming months
actually forever, I don’t think this will ever really go out of style
I didn’t really organise this pile well
so that was Paris, and now moving on to London
umm… I’ll show you makeup first
I went into Selfridge’s and these makeup products immediately caught my eye
It’s the Charlotte Tilbury Makeup
and why it caught my eye is because the packaging is so cute
it’s all pink and rose gold
so I started playing with the makeup and trying it out
and I fell in love with these 4 products;
I got 2 foundations, because the formulas are both equally amazing and I couldn’t decide which one
The first one is called ’Light Wonder’
It’s a ‘Youth-boosting perfect skin foundation’ with SPF 15
on the back it says ‘When it comes to foundation I have one simple rule, perfect coverage and light as air breathable formula
enriched with a botanical alternative to retinol to stimulate epidermal renewal and ceramides to hydrate and soften skin
illuminates, hydrates, smooths, and reduces wrinkles for perfect-looking beautiful skin’
that sounds good to me!
so this formula is super light
it’s more of an everyday makeup, but if your taking pictures or video I would want something with a bit more coverage
So then I found this, the ‘Magic Foundation’
It’s ‘Flawless long-lasting coverage' with SPF15 as well
It says its a “Full coverage demi-matte long lasting foundation enriched with hyaluronic acid, laricyl, and the concentrated power of vitamin C
skin is moisturised, dewy, and pores are minimized’
I couldn’t decide between the 2, they both sound amazing
Then the makeup artist suggested that I mix the two for the perfect foundation
that is light weight and dewy at the same time, but also good coverage
I tried this ‘Mini Eye Miracle Eye Wand’
It has 2 steps to it
step 1 is a lifting eye cream
step 2 is the illuminating eye brightener
this is a clear cream and then this is a salmon colour
a salmon colour is really good for colour correcting a blueish-purplish tone, so it’s perfect for under eye circles
and the last item I got was the ‘Air Brush Flawless Finish Skin Perfecting Micro-Powder’
and it also has this gorgeous rose gold packaging
and it looks like this
All of her (Charlotte Tilbury’s) makeup has ingredients in it that help your skin
so when you’re wearing her makeup it’s making your skin look good on the outside, but it’s also treating it on the inside
so it has a double effect,which is amazing!
I’m going to try these out over the next month, and if I really love something I will put it in my next favourites video
but I have a feeling that I will love many of these things!
clothes-wise you saw a lot of the clothes I bought in my spring outfits video
I bought a lot in Topshop and Urban Outfitters in London
oh my gosh, the Topshop is so amazing, I went to the one on Oxford Street
its so huge, you could get lost in it
I spent so many hours in there and there’s so many amazing things inside
so I’m not going to show you all the things because you’ve probably seen them in my videos or on my social media, or you will see them soon
but I’m just going to highlight a couple of my favourite items
oh, you didn’t see this hat yet
I got this hat at urban outfitters
I really love it because I’ve been wearing lot of black or grey or white so it goes with my outfits
I really love the fabric and the structure of it
when you put it on your head it really stays in this shape, if that makes sense
I’m sure I’ll wear it soon, so you’ll see what I’m talking about
but I just love the shape that it makes on your head and it doesn't slouch down, it stays up, like that
I think it looks super cute
so I got that hat
and I know it’s spring but I think toques look really cute with t-shirts
I think they look cozy and the weather isn’t that warm yet, so I still want to wear this
and then I picked up..
The style I tend to go to most recently is sort of a sporty casual style I guess
so this fits right in with it
and then another sort of sporty item I picked up was this crop top
and it has a hood on it, which is adorable
and long sleeves
If you’re in the UK or anywhere that has Topshop you’re in luck because I just love shopping in there
and they have such a wide variety of cute sporty items
but also if you don’t have a Topshop where you are then you can oder online, which I always tend to do
I’d say I order from Topshop or ASOS.com mostly recently
I’ll link everything below for all these items to make things easier to find
but ya, I’m loving Topshop’s sporty stuff right now, and I bought a lot when I was there
The next item is my Adele t-shirt, that I bought at her concert that I went to
which was absolutely amazing, it was such a great performance
she really makes you feel like you’re one of her friends
she talks to the crowd really intimately, and notices people in the crowd and what they’re doing
then she’ll make comments on that or invite people on stage to take selfies
she’s really hilarious, she burped and was pointing out her pimples
she’s super humble
the way she talks to you, and the way she talks about herself, you really forget that she’s this oscar award winning, amazing, gorgeous singer
it was just really refreshing to see someone like that
I was really happy to go to that concert when I was in London
and this is now my sleeping t-shirt
oh, also from Topshop
so when I was in Paris, actually in London too,
I saw a lot of girls wear shorter black boots with a sort of chunky heel and I thought they looked so gorgeous and cool
and I wanted to find some for myself so that I could look cool
and I was looking everywhere then I found some that I really love in Topshop
and these are Carvela by Kurt Keiger
they’re a short black boot but they stretch so you can slip your foot in without undoing them, which I love
and they have a little bit of a heel to give you a little extra height
but it’s not too much that it’s not uncomfortable, actually I don’t even notice it
and a little bit of a western sort of detail on the sides here with these straps
I think these are super cute tucks into skinny jeans, or with skirts, or with anything really for spring
Oh, this next item is something that I’ve been after for so long!
There’s this website, I forget what it’s called
but you can find entrepreneurs going onto there with their ideas, then you can invest in them
at an early stage
If they get enough investing then the product becomes real and they put it out there (to public)
so something that I saw that I was interested in, and something that became a reality, is this next product
but it was only in the UK, and you could only get it in the UK, and i’ve been wanting it for so long
so I knew as soon as I went to London I would try to find it
and I did finally find it
I checked so many supermarkets for it then I finally found it in Whole Foods
And that is this! It’s called CauliRice!
basically this is cauliflower and it’s in the texture of rice
you can substitute this for pasta, rice or potatoes,
it has 75% fewer calories than white rice
so in comparison this has 34 calories, white rice has 138 calories, potatoes 109, pasta 180 (calories)
not that calories or carbs per say are a bad thing
but if you’re trying to loose weight or shape up for summer then these are great
and I’ve just always wanted to try it
It’s basically like rice so I would make some stir fry or curries or something with it
they have different flavours, I picked up their ‘Original’ and the ‘Lemongrass & Chilli’ flavour
they have a bunch of recipes on their website, which I will link below
ya, I can’t wait to try these!
last item!
You guys in the UK have such good tea!
one of Sharla’s viewers sent her this tea, and we were trying to find it here but it doesn't exist
so I found it there (London) in Waitrose
it’s the Twinings ‘Salted Caramel Green Tea’
How amazing does that sound?
I grabbed this as soon as I saw it
and Sharla loves it, I also grabbed one for you Sharla by the way! I’ll give it to you soon!
Then I also grabbed this ‘Teapigs’ tea, in chocolate & mint flavour
it smells like those ‘After Eight’ chocolates, which are so good
and this one is herbal so it doesn’t have any caffeine in it
I’m really looking forward to trying these!
alright, that is all that I bought in Paris and London!
I hope you enjoyed watching this video
if you enjoyed this haul please give it a thumbs up so I know that you like this kind of thing
also please remember to subscribe to my channel!
And I don’t know what else to say so I will see you in my next video!
alright, cover photo time! Let's try to get everything in!


パリとロンドンのhaul (Paris & London Haul)

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