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Here, take the wheel.
- What doyou mean? - Take the wheel! Putyour foot on the gas!
l'm gonna get him. Putyour foot on the gas!
Okay! Okay!
- Come on. Keep it steady. - l got it!
- All right, hold on, Vince. - Okay!
Hey, he's having a hard time holding on! Get me a little closer!
All right!
- Closer! - t'm moving in!
Hold it right there!
Vince! You got to hang in here with me right now!
We're gonna getyou offthis thing! Give meyour arm!
Vince, look at me! Don't let go!
Come on, Vince! Throw this arm around me!
Vince, don't let go! Come on!
Come on, Mia. Get closer!
[ Grunts ]
Mia, get closer!
Come on! Come on, Vince. Here we go!
[ Cries Out ]
V! Oh, shit.
lt's gonna be okay, Letty. l loveyou.
- Watch her. - Yeah, l got her.
[ Coughs ]
Come on, Vince! Hang in there! Come on!
lfwe don't get him to an ambulance in ten minutes, he's dead.
- Hold this. Hold the pressure. - t got it.
-Just like that. Don't let go. Hold his arm up. - Vince.
[ Gasping ]
[ Beeping ]
Yeah. Yeah, this is Officer Brian O'Conner.
l'm off-duty M.A.P.D.
l need a life flight roll out right away.
My twenty is, uh, Highway 86, mile marker 1 47.
l got one trauma victim, about 24 years ofage.
Six foot, maybe 200 pounds.
He's got a real deep laceration to his right arm, with arterial bleeding.
And he's got a-- a shotgun wound.
Close range to his Ieft flank. Yeah.
Yeah, and he's going into shock!
[ Gasping ]


The Fast and the Furious (7/10) Movie CLIP - Brian Blows His Cover (2001) HD

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