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  • This is an almighty fast food feast that saves on a few calories and tastes much better yeah

  • we're talking chicken fried chicken I've developed a lovely little recipe where we're not frying

  • we're baking but we're still getting gorgeous juicy chicken melt in your mouth with a crispy

  • outside my oven fried chicken comes with three fab sides a rainbow slaw sticky wedges and

  • charred corn and it all starts down here with a whole chicken first of all we're gonna take

  • off the legs if you've never jointed a chicken before give it a go all you need is a big

  • sharp knife and it's super simple and fun to break down season it with salt pepper and

  • a good whack of Cajun spices then I'm gonna use cornmeal just a tablespoon and that's

  • gonna give it a nice crispiness on the outside finally some olive oil and two cloves of garlic

  • and give it a good old rub and even better massage this chicken up and let it marinate

  • over nice for mega flavour but even just a few minutes sitting in the marinade will make

  • all the difference now let's talk fries so I've got 4 sweet potatoes here all they need

  • is a little bit of salt pepper, olive oil and I'm using that magic cornmeal again so

  • just toss it up so we've got sweet potatoes and chicken nice and quick and a 20 minute

  • blast the chicken's ready for the final bit of TLC southern fried chicken is all about

  • that crispy coating so I don't want to deep fry it so I've got a recipe that I've worked

  • up for you just whiz up some stale bread with some garlic salt pepper some rosemary and

  • just a little bit of olive oil look at that that's nice kind of fine but at the same time

  • quite rustic as well and how do I get the chicken to stick to the bread crumbs well

  • I came up with a nice little old fashioned trick, just flour and water give each piece

  • of chicken a dunk a shake and it's straight into the crumbs our beautiful chicken goes

  • back into the tray back into the oven it goes still at 190 degrees centigrade for another

  • 40 minutes until golden and crispy now you can't have fried chicken without a little

  • side of slaw so we're talking about stuff like white cabbage you could use a red cabbage

  • if you want an onion white or red same price an apple or a pear right a carrot just shred

  • it now for the dressing I'm swapping mayo for natural yoghurt instead yes we're gonna

  • hit it up with seasoning salt and pepper a good teaspoon heaped of English mustard and

  • then vinegar apple vinegar white wine vinegar one or two tablespoons in there and just a

  • little drizzle of olive oil and we simply just mix it up and that is a really beautiful

  • low fat delicious way to make a slaw ok to go with this we're gonna do some beautiful

  • sweetcorn just whack it into a screaming hot griddle keep turning and in about 15 minutes

  • it'll be lovely and charred delicious crispy quality chicken morish wedges and those brilliant

  • sides you're gonna love it!

This is an almighty fast food feast that saves on a few calories and tastes much better yeah


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オーブンフライチキン|ジェイミー・オリバー (Oven-Fried Chicken | Jamie Oliver)

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