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  • Dear Fellow Scholars, we have some delightful news!

  • Elon Musk and Sam Altman founded a non-profit artificial intelligence research company that

  • they call OpenAI. The funders have committed over one billion dollars for this cause. Their

  • goal is to make progress towards superintelligence, leveraging their non-profit nature to make

  • sure that such a breakthrough will be done in a controlled and beneficial way.

  • As of the current state of things, most of the bigger companies with strong AI groups

  • publish their work regularly, but as we get closer to Artificial General Intelligence

  • and superintelligence, it is a question how much they will share.

  • We have talked already about how enormously powerful a superintelligence could become,

  • and how important it is to make sure that it is developed in a safe way, make sure to

  • check that video out, a link is in the description box. It is really mind blowing.

  • So everything they create will be open, therefore the first question that came to my mind - is

  • really good that anyone will be able to create an AI? What about users who are interested

  • in using it in a way that is harmful and dangerous to others? This was subject to a lot of debate,

  • and one of the conclusions is that at the same time, most people are sensible, and they

  • expect that the number of friendly AIs will overpower the bad guys. We don't know if it's

  • the best case scenario, but it is definitely better than the case of one company owning

  • the only superintelligence.

  • At OpenAI, they already have researchers of their own, and their research projects will

  • be completely open. This is amazing, because it rarely happens with companies as they usually

  • want to retain the intellectual property of their projects.

  • Amazon web services are also donating a huge amount of resources for the company.

  • The fact that just like at research institutions, the researchers can publicly share their work

  • may be a big deciding factor when recruiting, which is, according to the founders, already

  • going really well.

  • Thanks for watching and for your generous support, and I'll see you next time!

Dear Fellow Scholars, we have some delightful news!


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OpenAI - エロン・ムスクとサム・アルトマンによる非営利のAI企業 (OpenAI - Non-profit AI company by Elon Musk and Sam Altman)

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