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  • There are 1000s of videos on YouTube of people whispering, eating, tapping on surfaces

  • all with the goal of giving you....BRAIN TINGLES.

  • Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. I have a weird confession for you.

  • Since I was a little kid, I've had this strong sensation from certain peoples' voices.

  • Most often the person is soft spoken, maybe a little breathy, and the way they pronounce certain sounds

  • like "k", "d", and "t" is sort of.......crisp sounding? Bob Ross would be the most well known one.

  • I also have the reaction from sounds -- like when someone is rummaging through makeup

  • or crinkling plastic baggies. These are some of MY triggers, but there are lots out there:

  • the sound of someone writing, polishing shoes, or brushing hair.

  • The sensation is really hard to describe -- like a tingling in my head and scalp,

  • but it's not a PHYSICAL tingling. Some people call it a "braingasm". The sounds can almost instantly

  • make me relax and my mind zone out. It's hypnotic and it's very euphoric

  • The pleasant tingling sensation has recently been widely referred to as "ASMR",

  • or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. The subreddit for ASMR now boasts over 60,000 regular members

  • who all experience the same response. Other internet groups before Reddit referred to it

  • as "The Unnamed Sensation". It's all very mysterious. What's going on with this strange sensation?

  • Sadly, only ONE scientist has formally studied ASMR - at least as identified by that name.

  • Someone else may have studied it but the name of the phenomenon is unknown and therefore unsearchable.

  • The scientist at Dartmouth who did study it looked at fMRI scans of people experiencing an ASMR episode

  • - which could be very telling about what's going on in the brain....

  • but the publication of his results are still in process. There have been many theories posed,

  • however, One comes from ethnobotanists -- that ASMR could be the conscious experience of serotonin release.

  • From neurologists is the theory that ASMR is a type of muted seizure.

  • I didn't know this, but apparently seizures can be quite pleasurable and triggered by simple sounds like this.

  • Another theory posed by Dr. Steven Novella, a neurologist at Yale,

  • is that these sounds are activating a pleasure response, which is an evolutionary response

  • that occurs when we do things that increase our probability of survival. Dr. Novella also theorized

  • that it's possible that those with ASMR have a particular neural hard wiring

  • that amplifies the pleasure they get from things that are normally quietly satisfying.

  • There's a lot we don't know, but what we do know is that this response is uncommon

  • but still widely experienced. We also know that the response is not the same as tingles you might get while listening to music,

  • which can cause physical effects like goosebumps.

  • Similarly, it's not the same effect as binaural sounds either.

  • So, do any of you experience ASMR? If you don't, how much of a weirdo do I sound like right now?

  • Let me know down below and check out our new Testtube app so you can get updates on the go.

  • Thanks for joining me, I'll cya next time.

There are 1000s of videos on YouTube of people whispering, eating, tapping on surfaces


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