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  • Heart disease is the number one killer in the Untied States. It claims 17.3 million

  • lives globally each year. Our genetic code plays a part in our risk for developing cardiovascular

  • disease; however, our lifestyle is the most important puzzle piece when it comes to heart

  • disease prevention. It is estimated that 80% of heart disease is preventable. It's important

  • to know the risk factors, so you can protects your heart. Here are some heart disease risk

  • factors that can be controlled through lifestyle. Number 1: high blood pressure. High blood

  • pressure indicates that your heart is having to work harder than it should to pump blood

  • throughout your body. This could potentially indicate a build up of plaque within your

  • arteries. Number 2: high LDL cholesterol also known as "bad" cholesterol. This form of cholesterol

  • can form plaque or fatty deposits on artery walls. This can increase your blood pressure

  • and ultimately cause a heart attack or stroke. Number 3: Diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is genetic.

  • However, type 2 diabetes develops over a lifetime, mostly due to poor habits. Diabetes increases

  • your risk for high blood pressure, narrowing of arteries, coronary artery disease, and

  • stroke. Number 4: being over weight or obese. Obesity has been proven to cause heart disease,

  • cancer, and diabetes. Bringing body weight into a healthy range can help mitigate disease

  • complications. Number 5: Smoking. Smoking contributes to a large number of heart disease

  • risk factors including: plaque build up in arteries, increased risk of forming blood

  • clots, reduced blood oxygenation, and increases in blood pressure. All of these factors result

  • in your heart having to work harder to pump blood and oxygenate your bodily tissues and

  • organs. Heart diseases is life threatening and it does not discriminate against age,

  • gender, or race. The power is in your hands to take care of your heart and keep it protected

  • for years to come.

Heart disease is the number one killer in the Untied States. It claims 17.3 million


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リストショー - 5つの心臓病の危険因子 (List Show - 5 Heart Disease Risk Factors)

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