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Hey guys, Kei and Guan from Asian Boss.
In many Asian countries, you find that having
pale or whiter skin is considered attractive for men and women.
Guan, you are looking quite pale today.
That's why I'm here to get a tan.
Asian people in general tend to avoid getting too dark from sun tanning.
In Western culture, on the other hand, we tend to see a very different mindset
when it comes to tanning,
as you can see here.
So Guan, what is about tanning that triggers such different responses between the two cultures?
Let's go ask them.
So where are you both from?
Do you like to get a tan?
Yes, of course.
Everybody wants it.
Why is that?
I think because it just looks nicer when you have a bit of tan.
You are not as white as, like, so many people.
I'm not going to lie. I think it does look good.
I do like to have a nice healthy tan.
Do you like to get a tan?
Why is that?
Because you have to fit in.
Because as you can see, everyone here is tanned and you are a bit of outsider.
Where are you guys from?
Sydney, Australia.
In Australia, what do people generally think about tanning?
Everyone wants to tan.
Yeah, you look better.
You want to tan here. You look better.
Everyone looks forward to Summer because everyone gets good looking in Summer.
Because you go brown.
So where are you from?
In Canada, what do people think generally about tanning.
You look better and you look thinner.
Where are you guys from?
I'm from Japan.
How do you feel about getting a tan?
I don't want to get tanned.
Why is that?
It's more beautiful to be whiter and
I don't want to have age spots in 10 years time.
In Western culture in general, do people want to be darker or do they want to be whiter?
What do you think?
I think they want to be darker, definitely.
Darker. Everyone loves to be tanned.
I'd say darker. Yeah.
Darker. For sure.
But if you get too dark, like...
I don't know. I think the darker the better.
I'd say looking darker tends to be more of a healthy kind of look.
People like to look more sun-kissed, and just like,
to look like they live a bit more of an outdoorsy kind of lifestyle.
Everybody looks better with a tan.
I swear you look like 10kg lighter with the tan. I'm sure of it.
I think it just has to do with, like, the Western countries' paradigm of beauty.
That's just what they think is attractive.
So where are you from?
Sydney. I was born here but I'm from Singapore.
What do people in Singapore think about tanning?
Maybe more the girls prefer to be more pale and white.
So they would have a makeup that is to make them more white,
which is interesting because you've got the lighter-colored people here wanting to go dark
and vice versa in Singapore and other Asian countries.
Which one would you find more attractive,
A guy who is tanned or pale?
Tanned. Definitely, yes.
Depends on their personality, but I'm going to say tanned.
I like a dark guy. I like, really dark.
The darker the better.
What do you think about Japanese guys getting a tan?
If he's too white...
he'll look like a bean sprout.
If he has a tan, he'll look more athletic.
Like he has more muscles, you know?
So if he's pale, he doesn't look like he exercises?
Yeah, he wouldn't look like he could protect girls.
Do you prefer like a darker guy?
Tanned. Tanned.
Rig out tan.
My boyfriend is not tanned, but I'd like him to be.
Well, I don't have a boyfriend so any tanned boys, feel free!
Tanned. Yeah.
Probably tanned.
Well, I like nerds so...probably pale.
Why do you think Asian people would have this "I want to be a little bit lighter",
compared to white people, you know they want to become darker?
Because when you've got lighter skin, they think you've got a home and shelter and stuff
and you don't have to work outside on the fields and things like that.
Like in China and all those places.
So I think that's way they think you are wealthier if you are more pale.
But here, I don't know, they just wanna look better.
I'm Philippino and when I go to the Philippines
it's all whitening products. It's like whitening deodorant, whitening cream, and like
it's also a higher class, isn't it? The whiter you are, the more..higher...well, apparently.
It's not like that here at all. No one wants to be white.
I've lived in China for a while and they all had whitening cream, and stuff.
It's like a bleach for your skin. But I'd say...
I'm so jealous of Asians because you guys get really great tans.
Clearly, there seems to be a very different perspective about getting a sun tan in Western culture.
So just be aware of the cultural differences.
Thanks for watching guys and please subscribe to our channel.
You are looking quite red now, huh?


日焼けってモテるの?:アジアvs西洋 (How Attractive Is Tanning: Asia vs West | 태닝에 대한 동양과 서양의 문화차이 (한글자막))

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