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hello and welcome to hooplakidzlab making science super fun and super simple
today we're performing the smiling bill experiment. it's one of my favorites and it's a lot of
fun firstly you're going to need a £10 note or
any note with a face but do make sure that the face is facing forwards
you'll see here that on this £10 note we have the face of the queen of england
what you need to do first is fold the £10 note over so that there is a crease that runs
down the center of her right eye then fold the note again in the same direction
to form a crease down the center of her left eye
then very carefully push those two creases together to form a crease running in the opposite
direction if you do it right she'll look a little bit
like a cyclops once you've done that straighten the note
out again but make sure there is still a bend in the paper and then slowly tilt the piece
of paper backwards and forwards you'll see that the queen starts to frown
or smile depending on which way you tilt the paper
but how does this work well it's very simple it's because of the
fold in the paper it slightly changes the angle at which you're
looking at that section of the picture we can try this experiment again with a $20
bill use the same technique
place a crease through each of the eyes and then a third crease running between the
two if we straighten out the bill and then tilt
it you'll see that jackson becomes very happy and then very sad
and there we have it that is the smiling bill experiment
hope you enjoyed it don't forget to subscribe and comment
it's been great having so many of you following the channel
we hope you'll come back soon for more exciting science
see you soon


Science Experiment That You Can Do At Home - Smiling Bill

393 タグ追加 保存
Ryan Lee 2016 年 4 月 19 日 に公開
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