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  • Hi I'm Craig Phillips, and I'm often asked 'Whats the most common tools you use around the home? What would you keep in your toolbox?'

  • So what I have done is gathered together the most everyday tools.

  • First of all is having somewhere to store them,

  • so I'd recomend a good solid sturdy toolbox like this

  • to keep them all away nice and safe so that you always know where they are.

  • Now whats inside there is important too.

  • We have got a claw hammer for knocking different size nails in.

  • A nail bar for removing unwanted nails.

  • An adjustable spanner for nuts and bolts and different types of pipework and plumbing.

  • A screwdriver set with both long handles and short handled ones for the more tricky areas.

  • A set of pliers, long nosed pliers, standard nosed pliers and wire snip pliers.

  • Now if you are doing any carpentry around the house it is really important to get all your cuts accuurate.

  • I would reccomend using a set square to mark up and make sure all of your cuts are square.

  • If you are cutting wood, of course a standard hand saw is ideal.

  • But if you are cutting different materials, something like metal or plastics, you are going to have to use a hack saw like this one.

  • What ever materials you do cut, it is important to hold them down securely and safely. I would always use a clamp like that one.

  • Now if you are planning any decorating around the house, preparation is key to a successful job!

  • It is always important to have the right tools, I would always reccomend a good rigid universal scraper like this one.

  • It is ideal for removing the paper first, filling in any hole in the walls.

  • Any holes that are filled in with filler are going to need sanding, so once thats dry I would always reccomend putting sandpaper on a rigid hand sander like this one.

  • It makes those unwanted sanding jobs you don't like doing a lot easier.

  • Once you have sanded thing down you might notice that you have got some cracks in the ceiling around the top or in the corners.

  • So I would always reccomend a silicone sealer like this one. It has an adjustable nozzle enabling you to use different size cartridges.

  • So whether it's filler for around the edges, or silicone for around the bath and sink.

  • Then ofcourse, your trimming knife for cutting your softer materials like your paper, your lino or your carpets. Store it in it's cover for safety aswel.

  • Once all of the decorating is finished, you might find that you want to apply some fixtures and fittings like shelving.

  • People are always asking me, what's the best drill I would need? What type of drill would I need for drilling into floors, walls, ceilings etc.

  • Well I would always reccomend an 18V cordless combination drill driver like this one.

  • It is ideal for anything. You have got a setting on it for normal drilling in soft materials,

  • you have got a hammer action setting in it for drilling into masonry and brick walls,

  • and then you have got all the torque settings around there for using it as a hand screw driver.

  • If you have got a combination drill like that, you are also going to need a comprehensive set of drill bits like this one.

  • There are bits for drilling different types of materials, from wood to metal to brick to stone, even flat spade pieces like these for more intense carpentry work.

  • Now before you drill into any surface, it is always important to know what is behind there using a detector like this one.

  • Sometimes you need to find the studwork behind the plaster to get a firm fixing.

  • You can set it to 'stud' and glide it accross the wall and it will bleep when it finds one.

  • It will also find other unwanted things that you don't want to drill in, like of course water pipes or electric cables.

  • Once you have drilled successfully, and you want to apply a screw.

  • You are going to need to put a wall plug in there first if it is a brick wall or plaster work.

  • But ofourse locating you item to the wall is equally as important, so it always wise to use a good reliable tape measure like this one.

  • And then ofcourse getting it level.

  • But last and most certainly not least, the most important tool for me to have in my toolbox is the silverline catalogue.

  • With over 5000 different products to be used around the home and garden.

  • If you are planning any DIY projects in the near future,

  • you may need a little bit of advice on tools, or some top DIY tips.

  • well visit

Hi I'm Craig Phillips, and I'm often asked 'Whats the most common tools you use around the home? What would you keep in your toolbox?'


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