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For an added level of fun for fans, movie and television shows have been known to include
easter eggs or subtle references that only the most eagle-eyed viewers will find. But,
Disney and Pixar take easter eggs and hidden details to another level. Here are Screen Rant's
10 amazing hidden details in Disney films.
Frozen Figures
Frozen catapulted to massive popularity with the help of the catchy and inspirational song
"Let it Go," but the film also features a handful of references to previous Disney and Pixar
movies, like Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled attending Elsa's coronation. But you
have to look a lot closer to catch some of Frozen’s other nods to Monsters Inc. and Mickey himself.
At Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna, a wooden figurine of Mike
Wazowski can be seen sitting on the store’s counter, and a Micky Mouse doll is hidden
on another shelf. Anna only decides to buy winterwear – which was probably the right
King Triton's Guests
In the scene in The Little
Mermaid when King Triton makes his entrance in Atlantis to a room full of guests, many
have spotted Goofy and Mickey and Donald Duck sitting in the crowd. But, a second before they become
visible, Kermit the Frog is shown seated farther back in the audience, recognizable by his
green collar. We can only wonder why did Mickey and Kermit choose not to sit together?
Is there some kind of beef between them? I guess we'll never know.
Spinning Wheel
The folk tale Sleeping Beauty has been told and retold for centuries, but one element
that never changes is the princess pricking her finger on the spindle of her spinning wheel,
sending her into a deep sleep. The spinning wheel played a big part in Disney's version
too, with an evil witch behind the trap, until Prince Phillips saved her entire kingdom with
true love's kiss. But the spinning wheel apparently survived, since it can be seen in Rapunzel's
tower in the beginning of Tangled, connecting the two stories of Disney princesses trapped by a witch.
Wreck-It Ralph Cameos
To populate the behind-the-scenes world of arcade games in Wreck-It Ralph, animators
included tons of video game mascots and heroes. Bowser, Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, Q*bert,
and Frogger all make an appearance. But, in one wide shot of Game Central Station, two
characters unrelated to video games can be seen: Vladimir, one of Tangled’s thugs in
the Snuggly Duckling Pub, and Maximus, the proud palace horse are walking in opposite
directions in the station. There's also a dinosaur that closely resembles Tiny the T-Rex
from Meet the Robinsons, and those are only the easter eggs and cameos that fans have actually spotted.
Charlotte's Storybooks
It's established early on in The Princess and the Frog that southern belle Charlotte La Bouff
has an obsession with storybook princesses, especially their dresses, that is how she
comes to be friends with Tiana, the daughter of a seamstress. When Tiana kisses a frog
claiming to be a prince, breaking the spell accidentally makes a mess of Charlotte's
room, and we get a good glimpse of Charlotte's book collection. If you look closely, one
storybook on a shelf is revealed to be Rapunzel, the fairytale Disney's next princess film
would focus on in Tangled, giving a nod to the following release.
In 1986, Steve Jobs purchased the Computer Graphics Division from George Lucas's Lucasfilm,
establishing the independent company we now know as Pixar. In honor of the man who also
founded Apple, Pixar has included nods to the tech company or Jobs himself in a number
of films. Most notably, the titular robotic hero of Wall-E makes the recognizable Mac
startup chime when he's done charging. Apple products like computers and iPods are
shown throughout Toy Story 3. Finally, after Jobs passed away in 2011, the end credits of Brave
featured a dedication to Jobs in memory of his contribution to Pixar. That last one may
not necessarily be hidden, but it's worth mentioning.
Kristoff's Boogers
It isn’t that often that filmmakers include messages in the credits, but aside from special
thanks, sometimes credits can be used for one last joke. In the end credits of Frozen,
the filmmakers included a message to assure audiences that Kristoff's assertion that “all
men eat their own boogers” is his opinion only, and does not reflect the views or
opinions of The Walt Disney Company or filmmakers. It seems Disney, like Kristoff,
takes the issue of ingesting nose mucus very seriously.
Andy's Postcard
There are multiple theories circulating the web about all the connections between Disney
and Pixar films, and certain easter eggs led more credence to these theories than others.
For instance, one shot from Toy Story 3 confirms that the series' main human character, Andy,
exists in the same world as Carl and Ellie Fredricksen from Up. If you look closely at
the bulletin board in Andy's room, there's a postcard from the couple that includes the
address of their beloved yellow house, before it's transported to South America, of course.
Nemo Takes a Swim
Disney's Brother Bear may not be as popular or critically acclaimed as the studio's other
movies, but the animated feature focuses on the idea of family like many of Disney and
Pixar's other films. Plus, Brother Bear features a blink-and-you'll-miss-it nod to Pixar's
more popular 2003 release, Finding Nemo, about a father searching for his son.
If you don't look close enough at the group of salmon, it's easy to miss the clownfish
hiding among them. It seems Nemo wasn't lost at 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney, Australia, but
swimming with salmon on the other side of the world.
Tangled's Book Collection
Most of the hidden easter eggs inside Disney movies only manage to reference one movie
at a time, but one shot in Tangled features nods to three other princess films. When Rapunzel
and Flynn Rider are poring over an atlas while at the festival of lights in Corona, books
referencing other films can be seen. One open book displays the story from the opening sequence
of Sleeping Beauty, and two others are the storybooks containing the tales of Beauty
and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. It's unclear if Rapunzel has read the fairytales
of her fellow Disney princesses, but it's a nicely hidden reference to their films.
So what did you think of our list? Did we miss any hidden details in your favorite Disney
movies? Let us know in our comment section below! You should also check out our friends
at TheRichest and their latest video. We’re sure you're gonna love it! If you liked our video
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ディズニー映画に隠された秘密10選 (10 Amazing Hidden Details In Disney Films)

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