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  • In the state of Madhya Pradesh, in Central India,

  • Kanha National Park has become a sanctuary for the Bengal Tiger.

  • There is hardly any left

  • Will the tiger become extinct like the thylacine?

  • The Caspian, Bali, and Java tigers have disappeared.

  • Here in Kanha, the Wildlife Protection Society is trying to prevent the same thing from happening to the Bengal tiger.

  • In this park the striped felines still enjoy a natural equilibrium.

  • A tiger needs prey and here it can be found everywhere.

  • The last Maharaja of Alwar came to the Sariska forests to hunt for tigers.

  • Today the ancient palace has been turned into a hotel,

  • and the jungle has become their sanctuary.

  • One positive paradox for a change!

  • Ahimsa is a three-year-old tigress that has just arrived to the Park.

  • Let's just say that she is settling-in.

  • Let's hope the male admits her in his domain.

  • He does accept her; it looks like there is good chemistry between them.

  • Fortunately, the tigress is receptive and she ends up welcoming his proposals

  • During the next five days they will mate some 200 times

  • And here she is, so calm, with the two cubs fruit of their union.

  • The male disappeared and more than likely she will not see him again.

  • She will feed the cubs and raise them all by herself.

  • She will need between 17 and 22 pounds of meat per day to feed them, times 12 months.

  • That is 6,600 pounds, which in "hunting terms" that means about 40 animals per year.

  • For now the tiger is safe from human greed in Kannha.

  • The truth is that as a species we are a true plague.

In the state of Madhya Pradesh, in Central India,


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