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so we're going to talk about the king speech first panda
matchday please take it away
became speech a
is about prince albert who later became king george the sixth
who know a lot of people know that he had a terrible stuttering problem
that was going to be a problem because he was going to be doing it had to speak
out was expecting became he was second in line for the throne but his brother
older brother abdicated sobibor ivor this takes place right before world war
hands to help
him with his daughter he starting at after seeing a series of speech
he starts to see this very unconventional
all speech therapist played by geoffrey rush movies based on a true story which
must be trailer
hospital is somehow
i had anticipated
that perhaps you should change sharks
democrats and exchange
has seen the insert them into your mind
he has a cd
account your husband and into the trust
was your understanding
here to discuss personal matters of why isn't hostile
denoting jokes
timing isn't my strong suit
don't miss unsettled sandinista comes
section could find
yes the
park battlefield
still pick ups
i take that as a compliment
friday eleven
seems to be saying that the other one
reversible times drove past
me soon
allied command actually for him
is ability to squeeze the word abdicate in there in that short little spare time
he got it and have certain opportunities
to use the word abdicate so and friends that were never calif advocate myself
discussion about whether there's a difference between the trigger word
stutter and stammer
i gave you the director tom classics is there a difference in stuttering and
staring hisses it's often interchangeable but steering uses when
you just can't get the word out were stirring is like up up up up up like
when you'd like
cast the first awasthi he have wished he had to say i haven't had a spammer
so pots
you love me
he's amazing yahan
gonna say right now colin firth is going on with the best actor staring out of
the most non-it last year for a single man and he was playing in there
and he's great never things now in the mix of these fantastic rescue you're
completely caught up in his character
he manages to convey
aid the frustration
a certain amount of self-loathing in the way that prince albert speaking
that's just could you know more impressive things about this movie is
you know you think about okay yes
twirl family like how rough unlike the
eventually managed to feel a certain amount of pity
different worried about crime
nigerian facing where
qingdao reject and
what was nearby muslim line eleven
and they they sit down with the realize that she doesn't have any friends at
nine a_m_ eastern raise me that like building collapse you want to hang out
might remain light regularly drink something against americans are very
tender program
detail came so
is you know i i thinking for all your help in
violence is one of france for
the kind of posit for moments of
hope you really i don't know might yet when you realize what kind of isolation
somebody like that winter and
when they go into a little bit indian prince albert past about how
he was to use as a child abuse
you know he had not been easier physical ailments that you know at that point in
time you know
the remedies for that were very strict and very painful and it just all fit
into that
and here's a man whose terrified of becoming k
and suddenly thrust upon him and it's almost crippling and it's just been
await but called first portrays that is just donington in o_t_ when the best
moments was when they're going through their physical exercise without hamming
it up
has others there do those impersonal knows exercise where you have to show
you can loosen up
and of course geoffrey rush is really loosens almost museum and here's a guy
feels comfortable zack period when himself go and he's trying to get
comfort to do it
who just simply can't it's not that he won't he's not overt overplaying the
stiffness here's a guy who's you feel it is really needs to take over the rough
today like
just moved to restrain his whole life seems fine by nobility
provide the older brother about that you know and up again modestly greatly like
to see what his data stream intimidating a president cafeteria strategize
geoffrey rush is great
hour-long carter is fantastic as
as queen though was the company has endless ob she's fantastic acting out of
the whole casting
to these false shows up as winston churchill i like to see never told him
that he's not he's gonna he's great he's you know he's doing great racial
it's a really fantastic marie and for something that seems like
alternative boring panic english drawing room
room story
it's not it's it's very moving and it's been some lighter than expiry funny i
mean it's basically a feel-good movies which you don't expect to come out like
british period dramas and everything
and hitting is also in import of what i felt like at this time stemming was
considered a physical problem
that this idea that newline alos ideas like knows sexy rooted in past
was a completely sort of crazy idea at the time i completely but
that was his the regarding of note from that experience we need to figure that
and that is saying that the royal family never ever gets you never ever talk
about your personal life and that's what what the bullet wanna listing get
through has to fight through to kind of thing and make the statement
ninety-seven so that we can actually solve the problem and when you see
when you see the king backsliding when he starts to lose it the way i mean when
you eat it feels like he's made all those progress answers to lose it and
just how upsetting that isn't you know almost want to give up late it's really
heartbreaking when he goes to and i think it's also sting like i i i
interviewed under the director and
he was using that
at the time how we're was canceled by convinced on one
he was like a dump risks like he couldn't talk at began accepting hidden
but like through that you have line alos diaries
three states how the loaf and i think he's actually really smart and
apparently conference like finding the hw his humor showed how smart he is you
know it like that i think the trailer recycled timing is much like you know
you joke stymies jurassic
so this guy was incredibly intelligent
but just basically relegated so i'm not going to be involved in any of this
because i can't talk
basket with the humor that is that gracie mansion for chile also occurring
this movie is our rating
where he finally gets through august and ran back cursing and level of thousand
seeing just do it in in rhyme just getting christmas is get the words out
his ideas hold four in ten like anti-gay all the words that george carlin lab
that wells shades of planes trains and automobiles campaign where he was p_r_
debated pointed out that this is why is that he has no right there is
or violent or shocking at all about this movie so i'm
that that hills
i mean they're great together
they are but the movie hits every single note that you expect it to there is
nothing surprising about it and what i wrote my review is that
if content
a buddy comedy on the same order as i can do date where bar games they're and
convert to the appetite here in guys whose lives seem rigid in and find it
online anything shaping up
and then jeffrey russians ac alpacas coming in their unconventional in their
maverick ian they're kinda wacky and the opposite and the class and then they get
to know each other and this could be some kind of contrived obstacle that
keeps them from being friend that you know the overcome its eventually they'll
be friends though it theirs is formula
and it's their there very much types these two guys
but again the provinces are still acts like and the movie itself is still
beautiful and
just production values of flowers from the cast is obsolete at agrees that you
can't have it is giving a echo you write a review of the director
also been dieters and you've got some really amazing that prisoner
i don't think you can really hold the predictability against them in the news
based on history if you know
how and if you know you history you know
hitler did not conquer england i heard its scientific but engages the formula
lower now
properly the inhibited exactly which i did
and i i think it's it's not so that means is that governor kisses
just like crazy dreams ball you know and i don't know exactly how he
and how he supposed to win over robert banking i didn't even think it would
establish that very well
but in this uh... i mean i think that at the heart of it is
the idea that geoffrey rush to treat
uncalled for things like
i have to be your friend
i actually needs like understood what we need to actually talk about these things
and that's more than conferences can do that he's also embarrassed you know
about this whole problem that he that he has and also stated that he knows that
he's royalty because they've been great pardon me where
where geoffrey rush like utah as a fourteenth
if we were equals note the like no one would give a damn about me i would just
work and i would go home to my wife known would give a damn it's like you
know i'm a royalty like here this other guy i was so that's one thing that i
cutaway spent i would like to see a little bit of
addressed a little bit more of that
i mean for lack of a better term like the balls on why not
wild too
you kind of ta bles you
talk to the king that way and say we're gonna talk like equals right to me that
the cheek to put it in english terms that somebody like that would have i cut
actually wish that somebody would have maybe
that they would have delved into that a little bit like this at the scene would
you like sits down and it sounds like record disallowed it has a look at it
you didn't get to do expect that he's australian which they need to be quite
doesn't quy doesn't quite have the respect for him right in
battle talk about the shelling reside delete that they care about the shelling
is like what you're austria click it up on the whole issue he's video
end deciding us with a part of his lease is also there are still use their own
disposal you relax people at the
there the nation as the awesome blossom yet have a study by mothers and their
first did five okay
and is that it's it's practically a perfectly accident yesterday nine twenty
twelve at five
and it's happening in any
it meets all great love leaving it's all the notes you wanted it is just a little
safe for me so that brings us to a nine point one
so yeah premeditation is after spending time i think is justified
we might be peaking early by pick at this moment i'm the you know dissimilar
certainly in a performance category i think best picture also i think it's a
different but it has its limits them in social network like i was talking to a
lot of my sink up to you know after i saw it
king speech like cities that is a former vinod different movies left but i think
it's not that the ones pretty lock toughening helena bonham carter she win
for best supporting actress and
meetings are also saying that there's no real bad guys the balance of social
networking first and i think i a german seventy percent of atlantic anek behind
as i said like the bad guys the microphone
finance the ones that have like scary thing and


The King's Speech - Movie Review

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