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Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video!
Today is Valentine's Day, so I decided to talk about: Japanese commercials.
If you have any interest in Japan, you know that Japanese commercials are some of the craziest stuff you can find on TV in the world.
Whether it's taking some really famous actors and turning them into some crazy laughing maniac, into some laser shooting robot.
Although to be fair I always thought that Tommy Lee Jones was actually a robot!
Or to take something as cute as a little dog and turn it into... THAT!
Don't show it again...
Japanese commercials are really unique, fun, (and) crazy.
So today I wanted to show you a few of my favorite Japanese commercials!
Here we go!
Thank god ridicule doesn't kill, because...
Honestly these guys deserve an Oscar, for not laughing out loud during this take!
But, I mean, look at it! This is pure gold!
The next one is also really amazing, apparently this guy really loves men!
Speaking of men, this commercial was definitely made for them!
Yeah sometimes Japanese commercials like to be sexy and tricky!
Now everytime there's a girl undressing, I know there's gonna be a trick.
I won't be fooled!
No, no, no, that doesn't work.
Oh... she's technically a girl.
I can definitely tell because she doesn't have any p****.
Take it off! Take it off!
Oh you mother f...
Awww now that's really...
Fucking disturbing.
It's still not as disturbing as:
But hey what's the most fucked-up commercial you've seen?
Share it down in the comments!
And I'll be seeing you very soon for another 2 minutes Japan Video! Bye-bye!



【Yummy Japan】クレイジーな日本CM (Crazy Japanese Commercials)

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Yummy Japan 2016 年 6 月 1 日 に公開
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