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We're going to take a look at line choice. Massively important.
We're going to take an average slope, like a blue run down here,
with a few obstacles on it
and try look at a few ways to make it as easy for you as we can.
Looking ahead is the key and exactly the same as driving;
the faster you're skiing, the further you're looking down the hill.
Ski it as a slope, not just thinking about one turn and then the next.
It'll give you much more time to react to obstacles,
trees, people, anything. Lets have a go.
So there's my first turn.
I'm already aware of the trees on my left
and a slightly steeper pitch on the right.
I'm looking down the hill
and I'm thinking where I'm going to be
in the next few seconds.
Where you're looking is extremely important.
Stop this focus on just looking for the next turn.
Turn the eyes, look down the slope.
You're going to have much more time to avoid obstacles
and you're going to ski it as a slope.
If you see it getting any flatter, carry the speed onto it.
The flip side of that, if you see it getting steeper,
control your speed before you're on it
and you'll have a lot more chance of skiing it in control.
The first turns here I'm looking a couple of meters in front of my skis.
I haven't got a lot of idea what's coming up at me.
Now I'm going to start to keep my eyes much more down the slope
and because I'm looking where I'm going I can anticipate the flat
and start to let it run.
I hope you found that useful.
Remember if you are having problems,
go back a step and try to link those turns together and make everything nice and smooth.
Rolling those edges on will help with the control
and then try to look further down the slope.
Remember don't get obsessed with the individual turns, ski it as a run.
Next time we're going to be looking at engaging those edges a little bit earlier in the turn,
skiing some steeper terrain and exploring the mountain a bit more.
The snow is great and I'm going to go for a ski.


Intermediate Ski Lesson #4.3 - Line Choice

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