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Hi, I'm Ryan.
I'm going to be talking about the quotation marks.
We've got the single quotation marks, which look like that.
And the double quotation marks, which look like that.
In Australian English we typically use single quotation marks for a quotation
and double quotation marks for quotes within quotes.
So, if we say something like
Ryan said, single quotation mark,
'We all know that famous quote by Winston Churchill,
and then double quotation marks, and the quote by Winston Churchill,
that I don't remember right now,
and then we'd end it all with double and then single.
It can be a bit confusing to use it that way.
Typically you'll just use the single unless you're quoting within a quote
It can be important to check with your referencing guide, or style guide
that you might be using for that document.
Because sometimes referencing styles will have a preference another way.
I can't think of any examples off the top of my head,
but just make sure you check, becuase some people will prefer it the other way around
where you're using double quotation marks.
As a rule, single quotation marks for a quote are the norm.
That's all for this video on quotation marks.
There are other videos that you can check out if you need any other punctuation assistance.
I'll see you there.


Punctuation: Quotation marks

1517 タグ追加 保存
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