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  • Hi, I'm Ryan.

  • I'm going to be talking about the quotation marks.

  • We've got the single quotation marks, which look like that.

  • And the double quotation marks, which look like that.

  • In Australian English we typically use single quotation marks for a quotation

  • and double quotation marks for quotes within quotes.

  • So, if we say something like

  • Ryan said, single quotation mark,

  • 'We all know that famous quote by Winston Churchill,

  • and then double quotation marks, and the quote by Winston Churchill,

  • that I don't remember right now,

  • and then we'd end it all with double and then single.

  • It can be a bit confusing to use it that way.

  • Typically you'll just use the single unless you're quoting within a quote

  • It can be important to check with your referencing guide, or style guide

  • that you might be using for that document.

  • Because sometimes referencing styles will have a preference another way.

  • I can't think of any examples off the top of my head,

  • but just make sure you check, becuase some people will prefer it the other way around

  • where you're using double quotation marks.

  • As a rule, single quotation marks for a quote are the norm.

  • That's all for this video on quotation marks.

  • There are other videos that you can check out if you need any other punctuation assistance.

  • I'll see you there.

Hi, I'm Ryan.


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句読点。引用符 (Punctuation: Quotation marks)

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