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  • l can't.

  • Radio Raheem!

  • Mook.

  • What's happening?

  • lt's your world.

  • Where you headed to?

  • l'm going to get a slice.

  • You going to Sal's?

  • l'll check you back there.

  • On the rebound.

  • You bet.

  • All right.

  • Oh, shit!

  • Let me check it out.

  • That's the hype!

  • Newest latest.

  • Let me tell you the story of right handIleft hand.

  • lt's a tale of good and evil.

  • Hate.

  • lt was with this hand that Cain iced his brother.

  • Love.

  • These five fingers,

  • they go straight to the soul of man.

  • The right hand--

  • the hand of love.

  • The story of life is this...

  • Static.

  • One hand is always fighting the other hand,

  • and the left hand is kicking much ass.

  • l mean, it looks like the right hand-- love-- is finished.

  • But hold on. Stop the presses.

  • The right hand's coming back.

  • He got the left hand on the ropes now.

  • That's right. Yeah. Ooh!

  • lt's a devastating right, and hate is hurt.

  • Down! Ooh! Ooh!

  • Left hand, hate, K.O.'d by love.

  • lf l love you, l love you.

  • But if l hate you...

  • There it is-- love and hate.

  • l love you, brother.

  • Bet.

  • Radio Raheem, check you later.

  • Peace.

  • # Fight the power #

l can't.


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正しいことをしなさい(6/10)ムービー・クリップ - 愛と憎しみ(1989)HD (Do the Right Thing (6/10) Movie CLIP - LOVE and HATE (1989) HD)

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