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  • Online Sales TrainingSuccessful Salespeople Plan Their Success

  • Effective planning in life and in sales is as much about what we say no to as what we

  • say yes to. It’s like the mind of a sculptor. He is given a piece of solid rock. He knows

  • that the secret to getting what he wants is what he eliminates. Day by day he takes off

  • little pieces at a time. He is showing us the art can come from sayingno.” He

  • achieves his masterpiece by saying no to everything that is not part of his dream. He is demonstrating

  • the power of saying yes to only those things that deliver that dream and no to everything

  • else. Keep in mind that activity, even planned activity,

  • isn’t necessarily progress. The goal of sales planning is efficiency. That means getting

  • more done in less time, often with less stress. It means doing the most important things first.

  • An effective plan optimizes delegation and maximizes the value you get from external

  • resources. It means planning down time, recreational time, learning time and inspiration time.

  • It means getting these important priorities scheduled and written down first because theyre

  • your priorities. Your calendar must not become your ticket to burnout. That’s what happens

  • when your daily plan isn’t based on your priorities.

  • That two thousand year old question still awaits your answer, “What good is it for

  • a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?

  • Use your daily plan to guarantee a balanced life. Use it to connect your purpose and mission

  • to your daily activities and insure that the success you achieve is the one you truly want.

  • What are the high priority goals that you wish to achieve? Include personal and business

  • goals. Now determine the steps you must take to achieve those goals. What is the sequence

  • of those steps? Do you have the resources to take all the steps by yourself? If not,

  • note the internal and external resources you need. Include the acquisition of any new skills,

  • knowledge or tools that you don’t currently have. What are the metrics of those goals?

  • What defines success for each of them? What must happen today to make meet today’s goal

  • metrics? Define the daily disciplines you need to drive

  • results you want by doing only what matters most. Next, take your plan to your planner

  • and commit to the daily discipline of using the planner. Use your planner to build and

  • support the habits you want. Now it’s time to track your time for the

  • next week or two. Tracking how you use your time will help you understand where you need

  • to be more efficient. You can learn so much about efficiency by just tracking where you're

  • inefficient. Any of those little conversations going on in your mind about, “Why am I doing

  • this?” orThis is the fifth time I've done this today!” Those are yellow-light

  • signals that I want you to reconsider. Next, let’s talk about Interruption Management.

  • We all need an effective daily plan, but if you don't manage your interruptions, your

  • interruptions are going to manage you. Think about this for a second. Before every unexpected

  • knock on the door, there's a moment in time where we still have the choice as to whether

  • that knock will become an interruption. That moment occurs between the time we hear the

  • knock and the moment we open the door. Hey, it's a simple decision. You've got to manage

  • the insanity of interruptions by sayingNoto interruptions.

Online Sales TrainingSuccessful Salespeople Plan Their Success


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