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  • He's a sucker, man.

  • See last night's game?

  • Uh-huh. l saw it.

  • Best pitcher in the game--

  • Dwight Gooden.

  • l knew you'd bring that up.

  • Who's better?

  • Roger Clemens.

  • Clemens sucks. He can't carry Dwight's jock.

  • Dwight's best in the game.

  • Dwight's best in the game.

  • What's up, Buggin' Out?

  • You the man.

  • No, you the man.

  • No, you the man.

  • No, you the man.

  • No, you the man.

  • l'm a struggling black

  • trying to keep my dick hard in a cruel world.

  • What's with the white boy?

  • Don't start no shit.

  • Vito's down. Vito's down, all right?

  • Yeah, right.

  • Vito's down.

  • Yeah.

  • Phew.

  • Yo!

  • Damn.

  • Yo!

  • Yeah?

  • You almost knocked me down.

  • The word is ''excuse me.''

  • Excuse me. l'm sorry.

  • You stepped on my brand-new white Air Jordans.

  • That's all you can say?

  • You're serious?

  • Yeah! l'll fuck your prick two times!

  • Two times!

  • Who told you to be in my neighborhood?

  • l own this brownstone.

  • Who told you to buy a brownstone in my neighborhood?

  • What do you want to live

  • in a black neighborhood for, anyway?

  • l understand this is a free country.

  • A man can live wherever he wants.

  • Free country? l should fuck you up for saying that.

  • Yo, man. Your Jordans are fucked up!

  • Might as well throw them shits out. They're broke.

  • They looked good before he messed them up.

  • He was even talking about your mama--

  • Shit, you used to be so fine!

  • How much they cost?

  • $100!

  • $108 with tax.

  • You're lucky l got a loving heart.

  • Next time, cross the street quick.

  • l'm out of here.

  • Break his feet!

  • You should buy me another pair!

  • Black Panther'd whip his ass!

  • You're lucky l'm a righteous black man!

  • Otherwise you'd be in serious trouble! Serious!

  • Let's fuck him up.

  • Move back to Massachusetts!

  • l was born in Brooklyn.

  • - No! - Oh! - Man!

He's a sucker, man.


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Do the Right Thing (4/10) Movie CLIP - Your Jordan's Are F***ed Up!(1989) HD (Do the Right Thing (4/10) Movie CLIP - Your Jordan's Are F***ed Up! (1989) HD)

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