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I'm so happy to meet you, thank you for being here.
Nice to meet you, too.
You're awesome, you're amazing.
You're awesome and you're amazing, too.
Thank you.
So, and I'm shocked that you didn't win
and I'm sure you're shocked and many people are shocked.
This is your first year in this contest?
Yeah, so this was the first time that I did the NBA Dunk Contest.
And didn't you think I'm gonna win?
Yeah, of course.
Yeah. [LAUGH]
I went in very prepared.
You know, I had all my dunks lined up.
I thought if I made all four
of my dunks then I thought I would win.
(Yes.) It didn't happen like that.
No it didn't.
But will you go back next year and outdo yourself again?
You know, I'm not sure.
Oh, come on!
That was a good way to go out.
I'm not sure.
Once it comes closer, I'm gonna
play it a little close to the vest, (I see.)
And let everybody know
if I'm gonna do it or not.
I see. So we're begging you basically.
You want us to beg you.
The NBA maybe.
Yeah, so, well, obviously, we're talking about it,
but we all wanna watch you do that and
Uh, I don't know if you're gonna do that but
you're gonna show us some of the dunks.
It's over here. Let's walk over here.
Yeah, sure. (All right!)
(All right.) You want me to hold that?
I'll hold it. All right.
Here we go.
So we'll just start off real slow. (Yeah.) Nice and easy.
Here we go.
[NOISE] [APPLAUSE] Nice and easy.
Just like that.
Real slow.
Not bad, right?
No, that's not bad at all.
That's fantastic.
Well, um, the judges give us on a scale of one to ten.
What do you give it? (That's eleven.)
Oh, nice!
All right, what else you got? (All right.)
I'm gonna need your help with this one, okay?
Okay, what do I do? (All right.)
You just stand right here.
Just like this holding the ball out.
I'm not as tall as you, so it's not going to be that high.
That's okay. (All right.)
Right. A little higher.
A little higher.
Yeah, there you go right there.
All right. Just like that.
Doing perfect.
Okay. [LAUGH]
All right, you ready?
My arm's tired.
Are you ready? (Yeah.)
All right, here we go.
[SOUND] [APPLAUSE] All right.
[APPLAUSE] Not bad, right?
Okay, what do I do now for you?
You know, this is the finale.
I could be here dunking all night, like I said, but.
I could just jump over you, if that's okay.
Yes, umm...
You could, but I have so many employees that need to work.
[LAUGH] Right.
That have children on the way.
And so if anything ever happened to me.
I have somebody that you're gonna jump over.
Not me.
But there's somebody else we can afford to lose.
Hey, how are you doing?
So, I don't want to be the one to
go down in Ellen infamy and knock Ellen over.
So I'm gonna to jump over you, okay? (That's all right.)
That's all right! So I'm going to need you to stand right like this,
holding the ball just like that, okay?
Oh, on me?
Yeah, on your head.
Turn around. (I gotta see where you're coming from.)
Right there, yeah.
Coming from right there, looking up, lean back.
And all you're gonna feel is that.
How do I know when you're coming?
(How do I know...) You're just gonna know.
Just don't even worry about it. (...how do I know when you're done?)
Don't duck. You gotta be real firm for me, okay?
Real firm for me.
(Please don't...) All right, right there. You ready?
He just went “Please don't...”
All right, here you go.
All right, we need a little...
[APPLAUSE] That was fantastic.
[APPLAUSE] Oh my God.
That was fantastic.
(Thank you.) Wait, we must have...
Do we Andy's face from that shot, from that...?
[LAUGH] Because his eyes were closed.
He was so scared.
[LAUGH] That was fantastic!
And you're fantastic.
Hold on. (You're fantastic.)
No, you're fantastic.
So you didn't win but you won to me.
So we have a trophy.
(Oh Yes!) And it's the first year so
we haven't really figured out how tall it should be, but that's for you.
Thank you. (You're welcome.)
Slam dunk champ. (We'll be back!)



NBA Star Aaron Gordon Is a Slam Dunk

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