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  • Hi everyone! I am Niharika. Well it's time to learn new things. In today's lesson,


  • we are gonna look at phrases to talk about expensive things. Yesterday I went shopping and I loved


  • this beautiful dress, but the moment I looked at the price tag I realized it's super expensive.


  • So that brings me here to do this lesson for you. In English we all talk about money, right?


  • We talk about fancy cars, expensive vacations, diamonds..all these things are so expensive.


  • In English we have many phrases you can use when you talk about expensive stuff.


  • So let's get started.


  • The very first one that I have for you is that's a bit steep. Now when do you use this expression?

    まず始めは、”that’s a bit steep.”です。この表現、いつ使うのでしょう?

  • When something is not very expensive but it's just little more expensive.

    まず始めは、”that’s a bit steep.”です。この表現、いつ使うのでしょう?

  • So you go to a store and you love these pair of shoes, but you think that these pair of shoes are


  • little expensive. So rather than saying "Ahh they are a little expensive" use this expression

    少し高いな、という時。”Ahh they are a little expensive”という代わりに

  • these are a bit steep or that's a big steep. You can use this expression when something

    “these are a bit steep”とか、”that’s a bit steep.”と言うのです。この表現が使えるのは、

  • is little high priced. Alright!


  • The second phrase that I have for you is that's a bit pricey. This expression is very similar

    2つ目のフレーズは、”that’s a bit pricey.”です。これは、1つ目のフレーズとよく似た

  • to the one above. So rather than using the word steep, you can also use the word pricey.


  • And again it is used for the stuff which is not very expensive but a little high priced.


  • All right, so rather than saying it's a little expensive, it's not very expensive, use the

    良いですね。”it’s a little expensive”とか”it’s not very expensive”と言う代わりに、これらの

  • expression. It's a bit steep or it's a bit pricey.

    表現を使いましょう。”It’s a bit steep.”か”It’s a bit pricey”ですよ。

  • Let's have a look at the third expression here. To cost an arm and leg. Now when do you use

    それでは3つ目、”To cost an arm and leg”です。さてこれはいつ使うのでしょうか?

  • this? When something is so expensive. When you have to pay too much to buy something.


  • So it is a figurative phrase. Like for example - My Mercedes car has cost me an arm and leg.

    これは比喩表現ですね―”My Mercedes car has cost me an arm and leg.”(私のメルセデス、ものすごく高かったの)という風に使います。

  • So imagine you have to buy something that you got to sell the most important parts of


  • your body, that's arms and legs. Will you do that? So when something is super expensive,


  • rather than saying or using the word expensive use this expression - this has cost me an

    “expensive”という単語を使う代わりにこの表現を言ってみましょう―this has cost me an

  • arm and leg. Like this new diamond ring has cost me an arm and leg, it means I have paid

    arm and leg.” 例えば”this new diamond ring has cost me an arm and leg”と言えば

  • too much of money for this.


  • Now let's have a look at another expression here - To pay through the nose. Now here it

    もう1つ見てみましょう―”To pay through the nose”です。いえ、これは

  • doesn't really mean that you remove cash out of your nose - no you don't do that, but this


  • expression is used when you pay too much of money for something. In fact this expression


  • comes from the Irish .Well, apparently the people in Ireland, if they didn't pay tax


  • - the people or the tax offenders would have their nose slit, that's weird right! So I


  • am guessing that this expression comes from the Irish - so pay through the nose actually

    だから、この表現はアイルランドからのものでは、ということです―”pay through the nose”というのは

  • means to pay a lot of money. Like these days - cars, Uff to buy cars you literally have


  • to pay through the nose. Because cars are so expensive these days,Or for example the

    “pay through the nose”です。車ってすごく高いですものね。また、

  • house. To buy a house or to buy a property in my city we literally have to pay through

    家も然りです。私が住んでいる市では、家や土地を買うのは、”pay through

  • the nose , it means we have to put in a lot of money.

    the nose”、つまり多額のお金を支払わなくてはならない、ということです。

  • Let's have a look at the next one here - Exorbitant - well, that's how you pronounce it Exorbitant


  • and this word is used for something which is unreasonably priced. Like again, the houses,


  • if you have to buy a house in my city here , the property is priced exorbitantly. It


  • means that it's just over priced , unreasonably priced. Well expensive cars. Yes I do feel


  • that there are certain cars in the market which are over priced. So rather than saying


  • they are expensive I would use the word they are exorbitant. Right! Or probably you are

    “they are expensive”ではなく、”exorbitant”を使いましょう。良いですか?または

  • talking about hotels. You know there are certain hotels that charge exorbitantly for phone


  • calls or they charge exorbitantly for the night stays. So rather than saying these hotels

    宿泊料が高すぎるホテルも中にはありますね。そういう時、”these hotels

  • are expensive you can say they are exorbitant.

    are expensive.”の代わりに、”they are exorbitant.”と言えば良いのです。

  • Let's have a look at another phrase here which is - Daylight robbery. Now daylight robbery

    次のフレーズは”daylight robbery”です。これもまた

  • is again a figurative phrase, it's not literally we are talking about being robbed. Well, daylight


  • robbery when something is overcharged or over priced. when you go for vacations, you go

    “daylight robbery”とは、余分に課金されていたり、値段が高すぎたりする時に使います。バケーションや

  • to a new place , you don't know the people out there, you don't know how things are priced


  • so at times you feel that the people out there kind of identify you that you are not from


  • the locality or you are not from the city or country and they tend to overcharge you


  • so it's absolutely daylight robbery. For example - a glass of juice is 10 dollars, wow that's

    それこそ”daylight robbery”です。例えば―ジュース1杯が10ドルだったら、それは

  • daylight robbery. So you go to a new city and there's this centre where you buy juice

    “daylight robbery”ですね。新しい場所に行って、ジュース売り場で

  • from and a glass of juice is for 10 dollars. Well, I don't think so a glass of juice should


  • be more than 2 dollars. But if it's 10 dollars then it's absolutely daylight robbery. So

    2ドルより高いことはないと思います。でももし10ドルなら、それは確実に”daylight robbery”です。

  • something that you feel is overpriced or overcharged, it means that it's daylight


  • robbery.


  • And then the next expression that we have for you is - to break the bank. Now break

    そして次の表現は―”to break the bank”です。さて、”break

  • the bank it means to spend the money or to spend all the money that you have in your

    the bank”というのは、お金を使うこと、銀行口座にあるお金を全部使ってしまうこと

  • account, in your bank account. So my friends are going to Switzerland and they asked me


  • , Hey Niharika , do you want to join us for this trip? And what was my reply to this?


  • I said I would love to go to Switzerland, but if you are planning it now then I think


  • I will have to break the bank. It means that it's gonna be a little expensive for me right

    break the bankね」となります。つまり、現時点では旅行は少し高すぎるだろう、

  • now, I can't really afford it and if I have to go to Switzerland then I got to spend all


  • the savings that I have in my bank account, so I gotta break the bank. So it obviously

    いけない、だから”break the bank”だということです。ですからこの表現は当然、

  • means that something is expensive. To buy this new dress I gotta break the bank, so

    何かの値段が高いということを意味します。”To buy this new dress I gotta break the bank”(この新しいドレスを買ったら破産しちゃうわ)、つまり

  • break the bank means I have to spend all the money that I have in my bank which means this

    “break the bank”というのは、銀行に預けてあるお金を全て使わなければいけない、要するに

  • dress is so expensive. So go ahead and use this phrase.


  • And then the last one that I have for you Pay top dollar. Now when you use this expression

    最後のフレーズは”pay top dollar”です。さてこの表現は

  • it is actually used for people who are highly paid. Like celebrities when they endorse brands


  • they are highly paid. So you can say that companies pay top dollar to these celebrities.

    彼らは高いお金を支払ってもらっていますね。ですから、” companies pay top dollar to these celebrities.”(企業はこれらの有名人にものすごい額のお金を払っている)と言えます。

  • It means they are highly priced and they are highly paid to endorse brands. Or I would


  • say this Louis Vuitton bag well I paid top dollar for it. it means this big brand, this

    “this Louis Vuitton bag well I paid top dollar for it”(このルイヴィトンのバッグ、すごく高かったのよ)と使えますね。つまり、この有名ブランドである

  • nice bag that I bought of Louis Vitton Well I paid too much of money for this. so go ahead


  • and use this expression when you are talking about something very very expensive.


  • This brings me to the end of this lesson. All of these 8 phrases can be used for the


  • things which are super expensive, well except for the first two which are not very expensive


  • but yes use these expressions and this will help you to speak fluently and confidently.


  • I will back with a new lesson for you till then you take care.


Hi everyone! I am Niharika. Well it's time to learn new things. In today's lesson,


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