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  • Hi, my name is Willy

  • As a Taiwanese

  • I'm familiar with Taiwanese...

  • people, culture, geography, history, food, trend, art

  • transportation, entertainment, sports, politics...

  • and cute girls

  • that every guy has a crush on

  • Ha ha ha

  • But I have always wondered

  • How do foreigners think about Taiwan?

  • Whenever I introduce my country to my foreign friends

  • I often encounter two problems...

  • So this is why

  • through this video...

  • I want to help more foreigners to

  • know about Taiwan

  • hopefully you guys will like this video

  • Ha ha ha

Hi, my name is Willy


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台湾の現状」第一課-台湾のサイト (《阿豆仔學台灣 What's Up Taiwan》第一課,台灣景點 | Lesson One - Sites in Taiwan)

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