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  • Hi everybody. I'm Juli. Welcome to Baby Basics. Taking a newborn's temperature can be a very

  • stressful situation for new parents especially if you're doing it rectally. How do I hold

  • the thermometer? How far should I insert it? And am I hurting my baby? These are all good

  • questions that most moms and dads ask at some point. Now, here are some answers that will

  • hopefully make the whole process a lot easier for you and your baby. When new mom Kate wants

  • to know if six- week old Parker has a fever, she takes Parker's temperature rectally 'cause

  • it's the most accurate way. But some parents we know shy away from the rectal thermometer

  • altogether because they're afraid they might hurt their newborn. It's important to learn,

  • though, 'cause it is the most reliable way to take your baby's temperature especially

  • for babies younger than three months old. So, here are some tips that may make you feel

  • more comfortable taking your baby's temperature next time. First, mercury thermometers are

  • no longer recommended because of the danger of being exposed to the toxin. And second,

  • you wanna read the directions that come with your digital thermometer so you'll know which

  • beeps mean what. Put petroleum jelly on the bottom end of the thermometer. Hold your baby's

  • ankles together and push your knees back until they touch your belly. Now, gently insert

  • the thermometer about a half an inch, stopping if you feel any resistance at all. Continue

  • holding your baby's legs while loosely holding the thermometer so it can move with your baby.

  • Remove the thermometer when it beeps to check the reading. So, when should you call your

  • pediatrician? Well, for newborns younger than two months, always call if baby has a fever

  • and that's defined as a rectal temperature of 100. 4 degrees or higher. Need more advice

  • on how to care for your newborn? Check out our other informative baby basics videos.

  • Also, if you want some information on any of the fabulous furniture you saw in our nursery,

  • go to egiggle. com. Thanks for watching Baby Basics on Parents TV, your source for the

  • best information for your growing family.

Hi everybody. I'm Juli. Welcome to Baby Basics. Taking a newborn's temperature can be a very


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