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  • Hey, look, shooting stars!

  • Quick! Make a wish! You gotta make a wish!

  • Wow! My wish came true.

  • I'm okay

  • Mine too

  • The defining chapter

  • meteor shower!!!

  • meteor? shower?

  • in the greatest chillogy

  • a mother of all asteroids screaming into the woods, but I've got a plan.

  • Who's with me?

  • Crash and Eddie reporting for duty

  • hahaha, duty!

  • of all time

  • All I wanted is true love

  • Everybody has somebody

  • but all I got is my boyish good looks and this mariachi band

  • This summer

  • The end of ice age

  • It's coming! Get inside the cave!

  • It's just the beginning

  • Hey! It sounds like it's slowing down

  • ...except for that one

  • of a new age

  • Wow! Where are we?

  • Here he is. The master of meditation

  • The supreme serene

  • The Shang-ge-lama

  • This is the guy who's gonna save us

  • Yes. But first, downward dog!

  • caterpillar

  • funky chicken

  • bouncing belly

  • mashed potato

  • Hey this is kind of easy

  • ...Could you help me please?

  • my nose is dangerously close to my butt

Hey, look, shooting stars!


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氷河期。衝突コース公式予告編#2 (2016) - レイ・ロマーノ、ジョン・レグイザモのアニメーション映画 HD (Ice Age: Collision Course Official Trailer #2 (2016) - Ray Romano, John Leguizamo Animated Movie HD)

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