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If I could send a video to my 16-year-old self
(sigh) I would send her so much wisdom.
First of all, put yourself first.
16-year-old Anna, I know it's hard
because you're such a romantic
but god damn it, romance yourself!
Because, otherwise,
you're asking another human being
to give you all the validation and love
that you need to function,
and not only is that an unreasonable expectation for him,
but that's codependent relationship for you
for the next decade.
Codependent relationship after codependent relationship.
So let's not learn that the hard way.
Time travel, go!
Two, I always struggled with hair.
Because, I was like, my hair is flat and limp,
and I hold it against my face and I look like a nun,
What the fuck!
What you do, is you take three to four sections
or maybe like two to three,
you tease them, spray them,
you take the sides, you tease,
you spray, you comb it all over,
and then you curl.
And it looks divine.
Three, stop putting down other girls.
Stop hating other girls.
Stop feeling threatened and insecure and jealous
because that's just getting in the way
of you knowing a really awesome human being.
You know, no one can ever be you.
No one is you.
So there's really no sense in feeling any kind of competition.
I would rather go up to a girl, and be like,
"Oh my god! I fucking love you! All of this!
I don't know you, but I love this!"
Rather than being like (whispering gesture)
Because really?
THIS? What the fuck is "THIS?"
"THIS?" is not getting to know another person.
"THIS?" is "I'm missing out on all those glorious girlfriend dates
where we would go to dinner and have cocktails
and connect and have fun
and I would have a lifelong friendship with someone
who truly cares about me."
So 16-year-old Anna,
get your shit together!
And love other girls, because they're awesome!
Four, go after what you want.
Don't be afraid.
No one else is gonna..pursue your career for you.
No one else is gonna maintain those relationships
or those friendships, or ask that guy out for you.
Who cares? Be bold!
You don't wanna be on your deathbed, like "#regrets"
You wanna be on your deathbed like,
"Yeah! I did everything I wanted to do
and if I couldn't do it, at least I tried."
Finally, make decisions out of love.
This is something that I'm trying to focus on now in therapy,
and if you're not in therapy, you should be in therapy,
because we all gotta work our shit,
but, I spent a lot of my life making decisions out of fear
and it wasn't good for me,
and it wasn't good for the people in my life,
so now that's something that I really wanna do.
I wanna make decisions that are best for everyone that I care about,
myself included.
Be happy. Go travel.
See the world. Say ''yes'' to people.
Meet friends. Make sure you work out.
Drink water. Take vitamins.
Respect your body. Respect your mind.
Adopt all the animals you can reasonably love and take care of.
Don't be so hard on yourself, and stay awesome, Gotham.



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Shirley Huang 2016 年 4 月 3 日 に公開
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