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  • Where were you, say, 10 years ago?

  • 10 years ago.

  • Let's see. I was having a brace put on my teeth.

  • Where were you?

  • Looking for a job.

  • [distant artillery]

  • Was that cannon fire,

  • Or is it my heart pounding?

  • It's the new german 77.

  • Judging by the sound,

  • Only about 35 miles away.

  • [artillery fire]

  • And getting closer every minute.

  • Here, here, drink up.

  • Or we'll never finish the other 3.

  • Germans will be here pretty soon now.

  • They'll come looking for you.

  • Remember there's a price on your head.

  • I left a note in my apartment.

  • They'll know where to find me.

  • Strange.

  • I know so very little about you.

  • And I know very little about you--

  • Just the fact that you had your teeth straightened.

  • Be serious. You are in danger.

  • You must leave paris.

  • No, no. We must leave.

  • Yes, of course, we.

  • The train for marseilles leaves at 5:00.

  • I'll pick you up at your hotel at 4:30.

  • No. Not at my hotel.

  • I have things to do in the city

  • Before I leave.

  • I'll meet you at the station.

  • All right, at 4:45.

  • Why don't we get married in marseilles?

  • [laughs]

  • Th-that's too far ahead to plan.

  • Yes. It is a little too far ahead.

  • What about the engineer?

  • Why can't he marry us on the train?

  • Oh, darling...

  • Why not?

  • The captain on a ship can. It doesn't seem fair--

  • Hey. Hey, what's wrong, kid?

  • I love you so much...

  • And I hate this war so much.

  • Oh, it's a crazy world.

  • Anything can happen.

  • If you shouldn't get away,

  • I mean, if something should keep us apart,

  • Wherever they put you and wherever I'll be,

  • I want you to know that I--

Where were you, say, 10 years ago?


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