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  • So just as a finishing few

  • words here, I want to show you some examples of

  • mixed bowls which is what we're really trying to promote with

  • the Tender Succulent family. They don't survive our winters

  • so put them into shallow bowls

  • and with a well-drained mix,

  • with mostly sun. They're very drought tolerant and only water a few times a

  • month

  • and then as the season gets later and we're getting a chance of heavy

  • frost,

  • they can all take a little bit of frost; minor frost but then get those bowls in,

  • into the house

  • in a bright, cool location if possible

  • and they'll survive easily as an indoor plant through the winter

  • and then get them back out in the spring once a chance of

  • frost is going to pass us. These examples here

  • are mainly using the Echeveria family

  • which we talked about in parts 1 to 3. But

  • there are some other things in here as well. Some

  • Aeoniums. Kalanchoes

  • Here is the Kalanchoe Flapjacks. Here is the

  • Euphorbia 'Fire Sticks'

  • As the years progress, we will talk about and do more series of

  • Tender Succulents

  • involving maybe some of these other species but just for your own knowledge though,

  • most of these rosette type plants or

  • succulents that you're looking at are the Echeveria family which was in

  • part 1, 2 and 3.

  • Just so you remember. We get a lot of inquiries on, "What can I plant? I

  • got this small little pot" like some metal

  • you know, metal structure they have; is holding a

  • really small pot. Or people may have like

  • wheelbarrows that they're using and they want to plant a very shallow and they

  • don't know what to put in them because that doesn't hold a lot of soil.

  • These are the perfect plants for that

  • because they don't need a lot of irrigation

  • and you'll never kill them if you happen to forget or if you're gone for a week or

  • so and you can't be there to water them.

  • So for the smaller containers, shallow bowls,

  • full sun, little railing planters on

  • for easy-care, nothing beats the Tender Succulent family

  • So have fun and happy gardening!

So just as a finishing few


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優しい多肉植物。パート7 - 多肉植物の鉢とプランター (Tender Succulents: Part 7 - Mixed Succulent Bowls & Planters)

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