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Those that tipped Professional Baduk Player and fellow human Lee Se-dol for victory over
AlphaGO earlier this week... may have underestimated Google's computer program.
Kim Ji-yeon explains why AlphaGO's victories are no fluke.
It seems as if Google's computer program AlphaGO has the capability to learn just like a human.
That's because it's based on an artificial intelligence program called "deep learning"...
an information processing technology that imitates human nerve cells... But unlike humans,
the program never ceases its continuous learning of Baduk, or Go... not even for a second.
AlphaGO is an improved version of previous computer programs, which was only capable
of preprogrammed moves. AlphaGO is supposed to imitate how humans
learn...but it may actually surpass human intelligence in terms of higher learning capacity.
AlphaGO practices Baduk some 3-thousand times a day, a million times in a month.
That would take a professional Baduk player three games a day for a thousand years...
to accomplish the same feat. In fact, it continues to learn even while
AlphaGO is playing against Professional Baduk Player Lee Se-dol.
"The improved version of AI is on par with human intelligence, while earlier versions
were limited to certain features. In that sense, AlphaGO is an improved AI version that's
specializes in playing Baduk."
AlphaGO has been programmed to learn 160-thousand Baduk game sets and learned to play a million
Baduk game sets in a month on its own. Google's DeepMind, which developed AlphaGO,
says the ultimate goal for the program is to solve real world problems in the near future...
building on the learning process gained from playing Baduk.
Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.


How Google's AlphaGO beat a professional Baduk player

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