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Off-piste is a very broad subject and what we're going to look at today
is something you'll find a lot of around the mountain
and that's tracked out powder stuff that's had a lot of traffic over it
and people skiing down. It's really important to keep the basics
of what you've learn't on piste
the techniques exactly the same we're going to look at some tactics
to help you get this sorted and a good strong body position
Quite a challenge but really good fun. Everybody's dream is to ski powder
but the reality is when you come off-piste a lot of the time is going to be this
crud or chopped up snow.
Each turn might feel different so having a good solid body position
is going to really help and absolutely no hesitation
between the turns as soon as you're ready go for the next turn
Trust the skis they're going to cut through this stuff
My arms are in front
and a good strong pole plant is helping me link the turns
once I finish the turn in control
I fully commit to the new turn without any hesitation
be really conscious about how you are standing
keep those arms in front and line yourself up nice and smooth
the chest can face towards the tip of the bottom ski
but if you start to lose your inside hand
and getting loose, too much twisting and loosing that balance
you're going to really struggle this snow. Keep the hands there
Keep yourself lined up.
I'm staying in control so that I don't panic at the start of the turn
and feel the need to throw the skis around
Remember, smooth round turns
So it's not about being relaxed and floppy and too loose
but if you're really stiff and rigid every single bump
and rut you're going to hit is going to really throw you off balance
and adjust what's happening. So keep yourself firm but don't go rigid.
Skiing varied snow like this
is excellent practice for your skiing in general.
From piste to powder it's all about getting the basics right
and crud will highlight areas you need to work on
Have faith in the skis
even though the snow looks really choppy they will cut through it
sometimes the snow might look quite flat but underneath it could be quite choppy
keep the position there, relax those legs and let them absorb everything.
There are obstacles down here so I'm looking ahead and plotting my run
Knowing where I'm going will give me a lot more time
and let me ski the whole slope as a run
Keep these tips in mind
and you'll find you'll start enjoying the crud instead of trying to avoid it.


How To Ski Crud / Tracked Powder - Advanced Ski Lesson #6.5

376 タグ追加 保存
alex 2016 年 3 月 9 日 に公開
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