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  • Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another episode of Minecraft theory.

  • I am Sober. If you have missed the last episode

  • don’t forget to check it out by clicking here

  • It’s been a long time since the last upload

  • because last month was the mid-term test month

  • I was busy as hell! But I think I need to upload a video for you guys to watch

  • So, let’s get started.

  • This episode is about stronghold.As I said before,

  • this is the most diffcult topic I have even dealt with

  • So, I type in stronghold in wikipedia to get a better approch

  • It says it is military constructions or buildings designed for the defense of territories in warfare

  • and also used to solidify rule in a region during peace time

  • Prison,concentration camp can also be considered

  • We don’t know which one is correct but at least we eliminate quite a lot of things that is not related

  • To determine which one is correct, let’s take a look at the features of the stronghold

  • First one I can notice is the empty prison cell

  • Is that a strong evidence to prove the stronghold is a prison?

  • Unfortunately, there are also a lot of evidence to prove it wrong

  • such as how come there are some many books in a prison?

  • And why there are only maximum five prison cells in a stronghold?

  • So that means prison and concentration camp is not the major usage of the stronghold because it is too small

  • That means stronghold is a defensive military structure

  • But who were the people defending?

  • I believe there are only two option for this question: creature or human

  • However it is way too hard to determine this by using the features of the stronghold

  • This is the point where I was running out of idea in the past three weeks

  • In order to get some idea, I read quite a lot of information about stronghold

  • Then, I start wondering why there is an end portal in a defensive military structure

  • And the end portal room never within five rooms of the starting staircase

  • What will immediately you think of when I told you that

  • there is a door very far a way from the entrance?

  • A backdoor! I think most of can think of it right?

  • Wait a minute, I don’t see the point of using end portal for backdoor

  • after you enter the portal.You have to fight with a lot of endermen and ender dragon

  • Is that means the enemy that they were defensing is even stronger than

  • ender dragon plus huge bunch of endermen?

  • Also, they can build a backdoor that can let you go to a very far place or

  • a maze in order to outrun the enemy

  • Is that means the enemy is all over world and you can’t outrun them without going into another dimension?

  • Even if so how can you so sure that the enemy won’t get into the end to chase you?

  • How about the library? There are quite a lot of books in the library

  • Will you leave so many books for your enemy to read? let them know more about you?

  • Of course not

  • The problems I have mentioned seems like killing my theory but actually not

  • If the enemy that they were defensing do not have intelligence or not clever enough

  • Then, we can explain quite a lot of the problems I have mentioned

  • That means the enemy must not be human

  • But still, what enemy is even stronger than ender dragon and a lot of endermen?

  • This ulitmate problem I have been working on in the past three weeks seems like unsolvable

  • Eventually we have the answer here

  • If we follow the definition of strongholds strictly, we have the answer that is creature

  • However this answer do have something that can’t be explained

  • Fortunately, I can think of another answer if we don’t strictly follow the definition of strongholds

  • The answer that can explain near every single problems I have mentioned in this episode

  • and even link it to another episode. Ladies and gentlemen

  • the answer is massive natural disaster

  • Two theory ,ladies and gentlemen

  • First one is, some people in the past knew that there will be a massive disaster

  • Therefore, they looked for a place for safety and store some foods and books in it

  • for surviving and passing on knowledge

  • Then,they found an underground jail (Or something else)

  • However, they found that this stronghold is not good enough for standing against the disaster

  • So they setup the end portal, prepare the weapon

  • and they decided to go into the portal eventually all died in the end

  • Second one, similar to the first one

  • The only difference is this time not a disaster but an army of monster

  • or an extremely strong creature with teleportation

  • Because a maze and a backdoor to a far place is not enough to outrun the enemy

  • Wait

  • that sounds so familiar

  • Is that just coincidence?

  • Anyway,that’s the end of this episode of minecraft theory

  • Hopefully you will like the video

  • Leave a comment below to tell me what you think

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  • I will be a lot busier before May but I will still try my best to make more good videos

  • And I will see you next time

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to another episode of Minecraft theory.


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