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  • In the US, you can buy a pack of gum for just one or two bucks, but cleaning old chewing gum off of sidewalks and streets can cost a town $100,000 a year, a hidden toll the community has to pay.


  • In fact, pretty much everything we consume has hidden costs associated with it, especially the meat, dairy, and eggs that make up a quarter of the American diet.


  • To start, there's the cost of raising the animals which the government helps cover by offering crop insurance, cheap water, low-interest loans, and insanely low fees for grazing on public lands.

    手始めに、動物を育てるためのコストがある作物保険、安い水、低金利ローンなどを提供することで、政府がカバーしています。 と、公有地での放牧のための非常に低い料金

  • If the cost of these subsidies showed up on the weekly grocery bill of an average American family of four, instead of hiding in their tax statement, they would add about $10 per trip.

    これらの<a href="#post_comment_2"><strong>補助金</strong><i class="icon-star"></i>のコストが、アメリカの平均的な4人家族の毎週の食料品の請求書に表示されたとしたら。税務申告書で隠すのではなく 一回の旅で約10ドル加算されます

  • Then there are the healthcare costs associated with producing and eating the animals.


  • We raise them in a way that breeds antibiotic-resistant illnesses that sicken humans, and the large quantities in which we eat them:


  • 25 pounds of meat, 5 gallons of milk, 2 dozen eggs, and a pound of animal fats per family per week contribute to major chronic diseases like stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

    肉25ポンド、牛乳5ガロン、卵2ダース、1週間に1家族あたり動物性脂肪1ポンド主要な慢性疾患に寄与する 脳卒中、心臓病、糖尿病、一部の癌など

  • If the medical costs and lost wages from all these diseases were included in the family's weekly grocery bill, they would add another $25.


  • Then there's the potentially disastrous cost of damaging our planet's ability to sustain us; only a tenth of the food livestock eat gets turned into food we can eat.


  • The animals use the rest just to stay alive, and along the way, they pollute our water with their poop and our air with their methane breath... and their poop.


  • To feed the 9 billion animals we eat each year, we need to grow roughly 3 times as many crops as we would if we just ate plants.


  • All that effort emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases adds poisonous chemicals and concentrated nutrients to the soil, air, and our water sources, and erodes billions of tons of topsoil each year.

    その努力の結果、膨大な量の温室効果ガスが排出されています。土壌、空気、水源に有害な化学物質や濃縮された栄養素を添加しています。 と、毎年何十億トンもの表土を侵食しています。

  • Paying for these damages up front would add a whopping $240 to the family's grocery bill.

    前もってこれらの損害賠償のために支払うことは、家族の食料品の請求書に<a href="#post_comment_3">whopping<i class="icon-star"></i> $240を追加します。

  • Of course, the average American family doesn't actually fork over $475 at the checkout counter each week, because we as a society have defaulted to paying for those costs in other ways.

    もちろん、平均的なアメリカの家庭では、実際には<a href="#post_comment_4">fork over<i class="icon-star"></i> $475を毎週レジカウンターで購入することはありません。社会としての私たちがデフォルトしているから負担することにした

  • But understanding just how expensive meat, dairy, and eggs really are might lead us to eat less of them, because an additional $275 per week is enough to make even a mouth-watering bacon cheeseburger harder to swallow.

    しかし、肉、乳製品、卵がどれだけ高価なものかを理解することが重要です。食べる量が減るかもしれない なぜなら、週に275ドルの追加料金が発生するからです。 ベーコンチーズバーガーも飲み込むのに苦労する

  • Hey, this is Henry. Thanks for watching!


  • For some really nuanced unpacking of the strong feelings people have in both directions about eating less meat, we recommend Brian Kateman's TEDx talk and Hank Green's video "Why Are Vegetarians Annoying?" Links in the video description.

    強い感情を本当にニュアンスのある形で解きほぐすためににくぎゅうをさける世間の風潮 ブライアン・ケイトマンのTEDxトークとハンク・グリーンのビデオ "Why Are Vegetarians Annoying? "をお勧めします。 (動画の説明にリンクがあります)

  • This video was sponsored by, a leading provider of audiobooks including periodicals, fiction, and nonfiction.


  • In our research, we used the book "Meatonomics," by David Simon which, unsurprisingly, is about the economics of producing and consuming meat.


  • It's the first attempt we've seen at inclusively quantifying the hidden costs of animal-based foods in America, and Simon includes enough solid statistics and figures to help you consider the issue on your own,


  • though it may not surprise you that he concludes Americans eat too much meat and dairy.


  • You can get a free 30-day trial, and download Meatonomics or any audiobook of your choice, by going to

    30日間の無料トライアルを受けて、ミートノミクスをダウンロードすることができます。またはお好きなオーディオブックをお探しの方は、にアクセスしてください。 繰り返しになりますが、それはです。

  • Again, that's, and we'd love to hear your thoughts about eating animals.


In the US, you can buy a pack of gum for just one or two bucks, but cleaning old chewing gum off of sidewalks and streets can cost a town $100,000 a year, a hidden toll the community has to pay.


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