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To celebrate getting to 100,000 subscribers, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite ways to open a bottle.
And we're going to start by opening a bottle of Champagne with a knife.
Take your bottle of Champagne, or in this case a cheaper bottle of Cava
and carefully remove the foil and wire cage.
Next rotate the bottle until you find the seam which joins the two halves of the bottle together.
Follow this seam up the neck to the point where it meets the lip here.
This is the weakest part of the bottle and it's where we need to strike with our knife.
Next take a large kitchen knife, and using the back of the knife not the sharp edge
practice running it up and down the bottle to the lip.
Then go ahead and strike.
As you can see, the top of the glass bottle smashes clean off with the cork
It also leaves a very sharp edge on the top of the bottle, so be careful.
As the Champagne spills out when you first open it, it should wash away any glass shards
but double check in your glass before you drink any.
This technique dates back to Napoleonic times, it is known as Le Sabrage, and was traditionally done with a sword.
You should wear safety gloves and eye protection to make sure you don't cut yourself should anything go wrong.
Next we're going to open a bottle of wine with a ribbon.
Start by removing the foil.
Then push the cork into the bottle using either your finger or a pen.
Next thread the ribbon into the bottle and underneath the cork like this.
Then take a good strong hold of the ribbon, and carefully start pulling the cork up, and out of the bottle.
This does take a lot of force because you're creating a vacuum behind the cork.
The cork should come clean out and undamaged, leaving you with a nice open bottle of wine to enjoy.
And finally we're going to open a bottle of beer, using a ten pound note.
First take the note, and fold it in half like this.
Then keep folding it all the way down until you have a very tight roll.
Fold it in half one more time, and you should have something which looks like this.
Next take a firm hold of the bottle neck
place the note between your thumb and the underside of the bottle top, and lever it off.
Be careful not to slip and cut your thumb, or rip the note.
Next unroll your money, sit back and enjoy a well earned drink.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everybody who's subscribed to my channel.
100,000 subs is a massive milestone for me so thank you.
New videos coming soon.
Click on the links on the right hand side to watch more. Be careful, stay safe and thanks for watching.


How to Open a Bottle - Life Hacks

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