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Oh my god, it's still moving!!
Hey everyone welcome to this new 2min Japan video!
Now it's time to reveal the truth!
The one you've all been waiting for!
Or not...
We got invited by Itamae Sushi to film a really amazing show
The cutting of a big Tuna!!
We were really excited
and so was this guy with bunny rabbit ears
Yeah...I don't know..
The demonstration started
And seeing these guys cutting the fish
made me realise that it must take a long time to acquire such techniques and skills
Okay let's do it!
Oh wow!
It tastes like the sea!
Comment of the year: "It tastes like the sea"
It's really fresh
After that unique demonstration, we go to sit down
and enjoy some of the finest sushis I've had for such a decent price
Oh yeah!!
Like a magic!
They've got English menu
The staff is super friendly
We tried a lot of regular stuff you usually find in a sushi shop
Tuna sushis, sea urchin, eel
Then we got to try some exotic things
like the tuna's chin
That's very VERY...
Then came maybe the most difficult part of the dinner
The live shrimp!!
OH MY GOD it's still moving!!!!
Oooh the tail is moving
Okay, ready? 1,2,3
Oh! It's good!
After that we got to eat the shrimp's head!
Deep fried!!
It's crunchy!!
It's better than I was expecting!
Would I eat it again? No
Not only the food was good but the Sake was amazing!!
Itamae Sushi has a lot of different shops in Tokyo
And if you're looking to eat some sushis
without paying a shit ton of money
I definitely recommend you to try it out
I'll put the link to their website in the description below
And I'll be seeing you very soon for another 2min Japan video! Bye-bye!!
Look at that lense flare! It's like a JJ Abrams movie


日本一番新鮮で素敵な寿司 (Japan's Freshest & Best Sushi! w/ Abroad in Japan)

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Yummy Japan 2016 年 3 月 21 日 に公開
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