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Hey everyone! Welcome to this new 2Min Japan video!
Today we are gonna talk about my favorite food: Ramen
I got offered the opportunity by Brian from Ramen Adventures
to participate in a Ramen Masterclass
How to make Ramen in 6 hours
When he told me that, I instantly thought:
Wait a minute?! Six hours to make a Ramen? It can't possibly be true!!!
Isn't Ramen supposed to be Fast Food?
Making Ramen actually takes a looot of time and uses a lot of different techniques
I already made a video about it, and we all remember what happens when you don't have any skills
But let's dive in!
Our masterclass was in Fussa which is located
in the middle of nowhere
and was held at the shop "El Dorado"
First of all we got familiar with the ingredients
We had to clean them up, and honestly cutting chicken feet at 10am is...really not pleasant
Are you hungry yet?
Making the broth isn't as simple as dumping everything in
It goes through a lot of different process
The broth we made included Niboshi, which is dried baby sardines
While the broth was cooking
We took care of the meat, and boy that took a while also
Cooking it, leaving it to rest in Soy sauce...
EGGS! EGGS! E double G S, EGGS!
Vegetables, Naruto (which is some kind of fish cake)
Shots of soy sauce
We were now ready to start fondling the noodles
Everything was ready! Now it was time to assemble the Ramen by layers
Like layers on a delicious cake GRAAA
Noodles are boiling! Time to start pouring stuff!
Time is really the issue here! You have to be on time whatever you do!
Fun Trivia Time!!
When putting the naruto on top you have to turn it this way, so it ressembles the hiragana の
which is used to express the posession. So it means "the customer's Ramen"
But hey making it wasn't the only fun part
We also got to EAT IT!
Professional review there!
This masterclass overall showed me that:
"People say Ramen is fast food but...
...the amount of work that goes into making a good boal.. definitely not fast!"
If you guys are also interested in Ramen, go check out my friend Brian's channel
And I'll be seeing you really soon for another 2min Japan video
Trust us and subscribe!


東京ラーメンマスター教室(Amazing Ramen Masterclass in Tokyo!!)

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Yummy Japan 2016 年 2 月 17 日 に公開
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