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  • On April 29th, the democratic-socialist, junior Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, announced

  • that he was running for President. Despite being the longest standing Independent in

  • Congress, many people had never heard of this far-left candidate. So we wanted to know,

  • who is Bernie Sanders?

  • Well, despite his 16-year tenure as Vermont’s only House Representative, followed by his

  • current 8-year term as US Senator, Sanders is still considered somewhat of an outcast

  • in Washington. His long standing voting record has regularly been at odds with the dominating

  • political climate. He has voted against the 2002 Iraq War Resolution, the PATRIOT ACT,

  • the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, and the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act. In turn,

  • he sponsored the Global Warming and Pollution Reduction Act, pushed for an audit of the

  • Federal Reserve, and has repeatedly supported Medical Marijuana legislation.

  • The 73-year-old candidate is also a self-admitted socialist, and has pointed to the high quality

  • Scandinavian social system as an example of effective policy. As a candidate, Sanders

  • has outlined a number of initiatives he would tackle. Among them are efforts to break up

  • thetoo big to failbanks, raising minimum wage, expanding union power, and promoting

  • a single-payer health care system. However Sanders has been criticized on his voting

  • record against the implementation of the child abduction AMBER alert system, as well as his

  • views on gun rights.

  • And despite his progressive track record and policy ideas, Sanders will be competing with

  • political heavyweight Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Many political

  • analysts, including those who support him, have suggested that he is unlikely to win

  • the primary. Still, some say that by officially entering the presidential arena, his progressive

  • stance could force Clinton to revise some of her more moderate positions to the left.

  • This is particularly relevant, as a look at their top donors would suggest that Clinton

  • and Sanders have distinctly separate priorities. Clinton’s top donors are primarily banks

  • like Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase, along with media conglomerates Time Warner and Cablevision.

  • On Sandersside, nearly all of his top donors are comprised of auto, teaching, and

  • labor unions. Additionally, 61% of Sandersdonations are made up of individual contributions

  • of less than $200, compared to Hillary’s 28% during her 2008 run for candidacy.

  • So, who is Bernie Sanders? Clearly, he’s a man of the people. But his socialist-democratic

  • policies may turn many traditional voters off.

  • So for now it’s Bernie Sanders vs. Hillary Clinton. Want to learn more about his opponent?

  • Check out our video overview of her, right here. Well have more profiles of candidates

  • as they announce, so make sure to subscribe now! You won’t miss a single video!

On April 29th, the democratic-socialist, junior Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, announced


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