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  • Traditional prescriptions for growth in Africa are not working very well.

    伝統的な成長への処方箋は アフリカではあまり機能していません。

  • After one trillion dollars in African development-related aid in the last 60 years,


  • real per capita income today is lower than it was in the 1970s.

    今日の一人当たりの実質所得は 1970年代よりも低いのです。

  • Aid is not doing too well.


  • In response, the Bretton Woods institutions -- the IMF and the World Bank pushed for free trade not aid,

    これに対してブレトン・ウッズ機関、すなわち 国際通貨基金(IMF)や世界銀行は、支援ではなく自由貿易を促進しました。

  • yet the historical record shows little empirical evidence that free trade leads to economic growth.


  • The newly prescribed silver bullet is microcredit.


  • We seem to be fixated on this romanticized idea that every poor peasant in Africa is an entrepreneur.


  • (Laughter)


  • Yet my work and travel in 40-plus countries across Africa have taught me that most people want jobs instead.


  • My solution: Forget micro-entrepreneurs.


  • Let's invest in building pan-African titans like Sudanese businessman Mo Ibrahim.


  • Mo took a contrarian bet on Africa when he founded Celtel International in '98 and built it into a mobile cellular provider with 24 million subscribers across 14 African countries by 2004.

    モーはアフリカへの逆張り投資で 98年にセルテル・インターナショナルを起業し、2004年までに14のアフリカの国で 2400万人の加入者を抱え、携帯電話会社に作りあげました。

  • The Mo model might be better than the everyman entrepreneur model, which prevents an effective means of diffusion and knowledge-sharing.

    モーのモデルは拡散や知識共有の効果的手法を妨げる月並みな起業家モデルより良かったかもしれません 。

  • Perhaps we are not at a stage in Africa where many actors and small enterprises leads to growth through competition.

    思うに アフリカは多くの起業家や小企業が競争を通じて成長を牽引する段階ではありません。

  • Consider these two alternative scenarios.


  • One: You loan 200 dollars to each of 500 banana farmers, allowing them to dry their surplus bananas and fetch 15 percent more revenue at the local market.

    その1:あなたが500人のバナナ農家に200ドルずつ貸し余ったバナナを乾燥させることにより、地域の市場で15%多い所得を 得られるようにする。

  • Or two: You give 100,000 dollars to one savvy entrepreneur and help her set up a factory that yields 40 percent additional income to all 500 banana farmers and creates 50 additional jobs.

    その2:あなたが10万ドルを1人の優秀な起業家に与え工場を建設させることにより 500人のバナナ農家全てに40%多い所得と 50人の追加雇用をもたらす方法 。

  • We invested in the second scenario, and backed 26-year-old Kenyan entrepreneur Eric Muthomi to set up an agro-processing factory called Stawi to produce gluten-free banana-based flour and baby food.

    我々は2つ目のシナリオに賭け26歳のケニアの起業家であるエリック・ムトミが Stawiという名の農作物の加工工場を建設し、グルテン・フリーでバナナを原材料とする 粉とベビーフードの製造を支援しました。

  • Stawi is leveraging economies of scale and using modern manufacturing processes to create value for not only its owners but its workers, who have an ownership in the business.

    Stawi は規模の経済をてこにし近代的な製造プロセスを使い 工場主だけではなく、ビジネスに関係する労働者にも価値を生み出すように利用しました。

  • Our dream is to take an Eric Muthomi and try to help him become a Mo Ibrahim,


  • which requires skill, financing, local and global partnerships, and extraordinary perseverance.

    そのためには、技術や資金 地域や世界的なパートナーシップ、そして並外れた忍耐が必要です。

  • But why pan-African?


  • The scramble for Africa during the Berlin Conference of 1884 --

    1884年のベルリン会議での アフリカの奪い合いの場で。

  • where, quite frankly, we Africans were not exactly consulted,

    私たちアフリカ人は 正直に言って、まったく相談されず-

  • (Laughter) (Applause)


  • resulted in massive fragmentation and many sovereign states with small populations:


  • Liberia, four million; Cape Verde, 500,000.

    リベリア 400万人、カーボベルデ 50万人。

  • Pan-Africa gives you one billion people, granted across 55 countries with trade barriers and other impediments, but our ancestors traded across the continent before Europeans drew lines around us.

    汎アフリカは10億人の人口ですが、55の国にまたがり貿易障壁やその他の障害があります。 しかし私たちの先祖はヨーロッパ人が線を引くまでは大陸をまたにかけて貿易していたのです。

  • The pan-African opportunities outweigh the challenges, and that's why we're expanding Stawi's markets from just Kenya to Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, and anywhere else that will buy our food.

    汎アフリカのチャンスは困難を上回ります。それこそ Stawi の市場をケニアに限らず、アルジェリア、ナイジェリア、ガーナ、さらに商品を購入してくれるあらゆる地域に広げている理由です。

  • We hope to help solve food security, empower farmers, create jobs, develop the local economy, and we hope to become rich in the process.


  • While it's not the sexiest approach, and maybe it doesn't achieve the same feel-good as giving a woman 100 dollars to buy a goat on,

    最高にかっこいい方法でもなく、 で 女性がヤギを買えるよう、100ドルを与えた時ほど 満足感もないかもしれませんが、

  • perhaps supporting fewer, higher-impact entrepreneurs to build massive businesses that scale pan-Africa can help change this.


  • The political freedom for which our forebears fought is meaningless without economic freedom.


  • We hope to aid this fight for economic freedom by building world-class businesses, creating indigenous wealth, providing jobs that we so desperately need, and hopefully helping achieve this.

    私たちはこの経済的自由を求めた戦いを世界規模のビジネスを立ち上げ、地元に富を生み出し、人々が渇望している仕事を与えることで 支援したいと考えています。

  • Africa shall rise.


  • Thank you.


  • (Applause)


  • Tom Rielly: So Sangu, of course, this is strong rhetoric.


  • You're making 100 percent contrast between microcredit and regular investment and growing regular investment.


  • Do you think there is a role for microcredit at all?


  • Sangu Delle: I think there is a role.


  • Microcredit has been a great, innovative way to expand financial access to the bottom of the pyramid.


  • But for the problems we face in Africa, when we are looking at the Marshall Plan to revitalize war-torn Europe, it was not full of donations of sheep.

    しかしアフリカが直面する問題に必要なのは、第二次大戦で荒廃した欧州の復興計画 マーシャルプランを見る限り、たくさんの羊の寄付ではなかったと思います。

  • We need more than just microcredit.


  • We need more than just give 200 dollars.


  • We need to build big businesses, and we need jobs.


  • Tom Rielly: Very good. Thank you so much.


  • (Applause)


Traditional prescriptions for growth in Africa are not working very well.

伝統的な成長への処方箋は アフリカではあまり機能していません。

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