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  • Brains.. ehhrhhg. Brains!

  • Yes.. Yes! These are the brains you're looking for.

  • Another zombie night, barkeep? Really?

  • It's great, isn't it?

  • Well, Dark Lord, ever since your army of Death Eaters disbanded, I've had to expand my clientele to include collective villains.

  • Besides, they are excellent tippers.

  • Ugh! Disgusting!

  • Collective villains shouldn't even count as villain!

  • What do you mean? Collective villains are terrifying!

  • What could be more evil than a mass of mindless, undead cannibals shambling toward you to eat your brain?

  • A true villain is a brilliant and powerful genius.

  • He doesn't stumble towards his victims in mindless waves.

  • A TRUE villain plots and schemes and outwits. A dark and powerful master like...

  • AHHHHH!!! (Brains!)

  • How do you do that? Did you just wait outside listening for an inspiring speech to interrupt?

  • If that were true, I'd never come in.

  • Hoo-hoo! Nice! Settle a debate for us, Khan man.

  • Voldy here says that zombies shouldn't count as villains because they're just a mindless collective.

  • I think they're terrifying. Your thoughts?

  • Oh, are there zombies here?

  • How could you not have noticed? They are everywhere!

  • You forget, I am superior in every way. You all seem like zombies to me.

  • Oh, I suppose you have a superior understanding of the hierarchy of villainy.

  • Indeed I do. Me, zombies, everyone else.

  • Scoff!

  • Oh, I forgot. Magicians.

  • Hmmphh.

  • I love magic! Do you want to see a magic trick?

  • I got your nose!

  • Really?

  • Fine! I'll put it back.

  • Zombies are so old fashioned. Only the intellectually challenged would fear them.

  • We certainly don't have to worry about things like that in the future.

  • Wait, what about those guys?

  • Those aren't anything like zombies.

  • Resistance is futile. Resistance is futile. By your command.

  • Face it, they're just robot zombies.

  • Yep, pretty much.

  • Guys! Zombie karaoke is starting!

  • That's it. Disapparate!

  • Personal transporter.

  • Oh guys, you're gonna miss it!

  • I'm just a lonely zombie! I'm just a lonely zombieeee!

Brains.. ehhrhhg. Brains!


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B2 中上級

悪役パブ - ゾンビナイト (Villain Pub - Zombie Night)

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